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Introduction: Creepy Clown- Ice Cream Gal

This is my creepy Clown I’ve cream gal costume. For Halloween my work team chose clowns and I wanted to create my own costume. I bought basic clown clothes and added accessories, air brushed them to look old and used and added bloody body parts for the real grotesque parts!


The supplies that I used were a store bought Clown dress, white and black striped leggings and a Lon sleeved striped shirt for my clothes.
I used lots of cardboard to create my clown shoes and the rim of my hat. Acrylic paints and air brush paints were used for creating the worn and used look. I used a sheet rock knife to wear and tear the edges of my clothes. Latex was also used in the making of the clown shoes.

Step 1: The Outfit

I chose to keep my creepy clown as “girly” as I could so I started with a pair of black and white stripped leggings bought from Amazon. I then air brushed one leg yellow to put some non symmetrical color into my outfit.

Step 2: Dress

I really liked the lady clowns in dresses so I stuck with shopping the typical clown dress on Amazon (🥴 as well) and then air brushed and put some wear and tear into it.

Step 3: Layers ( Because October’s in Vermont Are Chilly!)

I knew I needed to layer so I went to the goodwill in search of a long sleeve shirt... I chose a light blue and white stripped. I also spent some time with the air brush and tattering tools to wear this shirt in.

Step 4: The Ice Cream!

Ever since I watched the Face Off episode were one contestant created a Tim Burton themed Ice Cream man I have wanted to create something similar.
I look the influence for parts of my costume so I created a large double scoop ice cream cone!

Step 5: Bloody Body Parts

To make my ice cream cones "creepy" I made fake body parts to place in the ice cream balls. I created fake eyeballs that were made from plastic eye balls from the dollar store. Since the eyes look incredibly fake I used a fine sanding tool to rub off the color of the fake eyes and drew on my own with Sharpie.

I used fake eyes that I had glued onto gloves from old Halloween costume so I tore the fingers from the gloves leaving some behind. The ends were then dipped into latex several times to coat the fabric and part of the eyeball. I then painted several layers of color/shade and used clear finger nail polish to make them glossy.

Step 6: Accessories

I wanted to create ice cream cones that landed on me while juggling so I made smaller ice creams and placed one on the tip of one of the shoes. I also made one for the top of my hat.
These were made with paper mache, hot glue and spray foam

Step 7: Clown Shoes!

These crazy clown shoes were made over some old crocs that I owned. I built them up with layers of cardboard, paper mache them, did a thin coat of latex for flexibility and then painted them.
I added on the ice cream with more spray foam. I added lace around the ankles because they were slightly wider then my legs. I used charcoal to dirty them up and sealed it with clear coat spray paint

Step 8: Clowning Around at Work

Here are photos of my group at work that all dressed as clowns

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    2 years ago

    That is ...genuinely scary, well done! What is the ice-cream made out of?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Why thank you ☠️
    The ice cream balls were created with paper mache on a blown up balloon then the balloon is pooped and pulled out, you’re then left with a hollow round mache ball. So I stuffed the inside with newspaper.
    The cone was made for a rolled up thin piece of cardboard and then I used hot glue to create the triangle shaped ridges. This was then paper mache as well.
    Once the cone and two balls of ice cream were adhered together, I used spray foam to create the edges of the ice cream balls.
    After all of that it was all about painting, adhering sprinkles and then inserting body parts as careful as I could. Voila! 🤡


    Reply 2 years ago

    Brilliant! Thanks very much for the explanation, the spray foam is a clever way to get the texture so realistic