Introduction: Creepy Clown- Ice Cream Gal

This is my creepy Clown I’ve cream gal costume. For Halloween my work team chose clowns and I wanted to create my own costume. I bought basic clown clothes and added accessories, air brushed them to look old and used and added bloody body parts for the real grotesque parts!


The supplies that I used were a store bought Clown dress, white and black striped leggings and a Lon sleeved striped shirt for my clothes.
I used lots of cardboard to create my clown shoes and the rim of my hat. Acrylic paints and air brush paints were used for creating the worn and used look. I used a sheet rock knife to wear and tear the edges of my clothes. Latex was also used in the making of the clown shoes.

Step 1: The Outfit

I chose to keep my creepy clown as “girly” as I could so I started with a pair of black and white stripped leggings bought from Amazon. I then air brushed one leg yellow to put some non symmetrical color into my outfit.

Step 2: Dress

I really liked the lady clowns in dresses so I stuck with shopping the typical clown dress on Amazon (🥴 as well) and then air brushed and put some wear and tear into it.

Step 3: Layers ( Because October’s in Vermont Are Chilly!)

I knew I needed to layer so I went to the goodwill in search of a long sleeve shirt... I chose a light blue and white stripped. I also spent some time with the air brush and tattering tools to wear this shirt in.

Step 4: The Ice Cream!

Ever since I watched the Face Off episode were one contestant created a Tim Burton themed Ice Cream man I have wanted to create something similar.
I look the influence for parts of my costume so I created a large double scoop ice cream cone!

Step 5: Bloody Body Parts

To make my ice cream cones "creepy" I made fake body parts to place in the ice cream balls. I created fake eyeballs that were made from plastic eye balls from the dollar store. Since the eyes look incredibly fake I used a fine sanding tool to rub off the color of the fake eyes and drew on my own with Sharpie.

I used fake eyes that I had glued onto gloves from old Halloween costume so I tore the fingers from the gloves leaving some behind. The ends were then dipped into latex several times to coat the fabric and part of the eyeball. I then painted several layers of color/shade and used clear finger nail polish to make them glossy.

Step 6: Accessories

I wanted to create ice cream cones that landed on me while juggling so I made smaller ice creams and placed one on the tip of one of the shoes. I also made one for the top of my hat.
These were made with paper mache, hot glue and spray foam

Step 7: Clown Shoes!

These crazy clown shoes were made over some old crocs that I owned. I built them up with layers of cardboard, paper mache them, did a thin coat of latex for flexibility and then painted them.
I added on the ice cream with more spray foam. I added lace around the ankles because they were slightly wider then my legs. I used charcoal to dirty them up and sealed it with clear coat spray paint

Step 8: Clowning Around at Work

Here are photos of my group at work that all dressed as clowns

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