Introduction: Tye Due Urn

For my friends mothers passing I was asked to air brush a bright tye dye design on her urn. It was an honor to do this for her and her family.


White Urn, air brush paints, air brush gun, and air compressor.

Step 1: Tye Dye Urn

I have owned and used my air brush machine for small projects such as Halloween costumes (were there’s more play for mistakes) so this was the first big project I took on!
My friends family asked if I could create an air brushed Tye Dye urn in honor of their mother. Robin loved Tye Dye and hummingbirds so these were the two things requested. To create the hummingbird I used a transfer paper to draw the design of the hummingbird, cut the shape out with an exacto knife and then placed onto the urn before air brushing. Once the urn was airbrushed completely and then sprayed with a clear gloss sealant, the humming bird transfer was removed and the urn was sprayed with sealant once again.
I was very pleased with the results as I believe the family was. It was a joy to create something that made you instantly think of Robin. RIP