Introduction: Creepy Head Halloween Candy Bowl - 3d Printable

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I created this creepy-looking Halloween candy bowl using Tinkercad (for the first time in my life). I modified images and used the tools available on Tinkercad's site to create the final candy bowl. In this Instructable, I will take you through the process I used to make it. It was easier than I would have imagined - and I like that you can import 3d images from other sources to modify and help create your final product. If you've never used Tinkercad before, I'll try to give helpful tips and things I learned through this basic project!

Step 1: Starting Out With Tinkercad & Importing Images

The first thing I did with was search both Tinkercad's gallery and online for a basic 3d head model I could use. On the Tinkercad site, you can download & "tinker" with the models available on their site. But, I actually found the basic 3d head model on a site called Turbosquid. Thank you to the creator who has made it available to the public for free - Leah Apanowicz.

If you want to search the web for a file to import into Tinkercad, you'll need to search for a .STL file type. There is a link on the right-hand side which says "import" so you can either upload the file or import directly from a URL.

Once imported, you can click on the image and move it around and increase the size to your specifications. You can also rotate it and move it in all sorts of directions.

Step 2: The Base

Once imported into Tinkercad, I then used a shape (the round roof shape) to create the base or mount for the head. It takes a little playing around with to re-size things properly and place them in the correct spot. But, once in the correct spot you can click "Lock transformation" to keep it as it is. You can also click the color box in the "Inspector" area and change the color of objects being used.

Step 3: Hole in the Head

Now it's time to transform the realistic head into a candy-bowl capable of holding treats for the kids. In Tinkercad, you can select a "hole" tool to create this affect. I used the cylinder hole & edited and placed it in the head at the proper location and size to create an actual bowl.

Step 4: Finishing It Up

The last thing I did was add the ring to the mouth of the head. I placed it in so that the top part disappeared in view - which means the bottom part of the ring would be sticking out. You can see it in the image. There are a ton of other images and tools you can use in the Tinkercad gallery - but I didn't want to turn it into a satan head - thought this was weird enough. :) If you haven't used Tinkercad before, it's worth giving it a try! There are lots of tools on there and templates to use to start with. :)