Introduction: Crewneck Sweater With Pearls

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If you are bored of your wardrobe, and want to upgrade it, you don´t have to spend a lot of money.

With creativity and a little bit of patience, you can add a beautiful embelishment that will transform that boring sweater into a stylish one.

Maybe you´ve seen something like this at the store and didn´t dare to spend lots of money on it, well, follow my instructions and you´ll see it´s not complicated, even if you are a beginner seamstress you can achieve professional results.

This project is perfect for a gift too. Buy a simple sweater and make it look better by adding pearls. I'm sure your friend will love it!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A crew neck sweater

Pearls in three different sizes. You could use only one size, but it makes the design more interesting with different sizes.



Measuring tape

Step 2: Begin Sewing

Begin by sewing the pearls where the shoulder seam starts. Start close to the neck, and then cover 2cm.

Move down the neck but as it gets closer to the lowest part of the neck, add more pearls.

Step 3: Make It Wider

At the bottom the area covered by pearls should be 3cm width.

If you feel that there are some holes, you can go back and sew more pearls where needed.

Step 4: Start the Other Side

Then sew the pearls on the other side; starting at the shoulder seam too.

This way, it´ll be easy to make it symmetrical. Always have your measuring tape on hand, if you don't know if you should add more, measure the area and the opposite side to make sure it's symmetrical.

That's it! I told you it was time consuming, but worth it. Now your sweater looks way more expensive.

I've machine washed mine and the pearls are still perfect. Just don't use the dryer, not only because of the pearls, but knitted sweaters tend to shrink with the heat of the dryer.

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