Introduction: Crispy Somosa Without Maida Flour

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Crispy Somosa is mouth watering dish of mist of us but the msida flour is one of the most essential and important ingredient of this and making the crispy somosa without maida flour is al most not possible yet.
Bit many people don't like maida flour because of restrictions by doctor for health can't eat crispy and yummy somosa. But I have not to worry anymore I have find a way to make crispy Somosa without maida flour.In fact I am going to replace this with Wheat flour that is also healthy and have good health benefits.
Here are the problem thay a maida can cause to you
consuming too much Maida can make you obese.Apart from this it also cause endosperm and digestive problems, Maida turns into a kind of glue in our intestines, making it difficult to digest. It has no fiber, and slows down the metabolism, and can even make you feel sluggish.

So leys replace maida flour with wheat flour to get our testy and yummy and crispy somosa.

Step 1: Things We Need

1. 250 aprox grams wheat flour
2. 500g potato
3. Small Tomato 1 piece
4. 50g pea
5. Chilly if ypu want spicy somosa
6. Refine oil/mustard oil 300ml
7. 3 Table spoon salt
8. Gram masala powder {mixture of black pepper, black salt,and spices mixture}

Other utensils we need

Rolling Poard
Rolling Pin

Step 2: Preparing Boiled Potato Smash

First of all take a pan and fill it with water and put the 4 to 5 potatoes in that and keep it for boiling on gas stove for sprox 10 mins. When our potatoes get boiled. Then put it for cool down .Now take a frying pan and put 3 tea spoon of oil and then add som red chilly and jeera and 1 cuted onions and then add smashed potatoes in it.and then smash more and mix it thoroughly and add small teaspoon turmeric powder , spices powder abd 1 small teaspoon saltkeet mixing it for 1min on that frying pan. Now when the colour turns into yellow then stop this.
congrats we have crossed our 1st major step preparing potatoes smash.

Step 3: Preparing Dough for Crispy Somosa

Now take a pan and put 200g wheat flour and then add a pinch of salt and a small teaspoon of ghee or refin oil to it and then start mixing it slowly and then start adding little by little water to it till it become tight dough and then leave it for 3 to four minutes.
Now our dough is ready.
Caution- Do not pour or add to much water.

Step 4: Preparing the Funnel Enclosure for Crispy Somosa

Now take a small amount from the dough that we prepared and then roll bit on your hand . Next take the Rolling table and Rolling pin and make the flat like chapatti. And then cut it in two parts as you can see in pics. Now take one cut part and using your palm bend it and give it a funnel shape and then fill it with smashed potatoes that we have prepared previous step. Now after filling this funnel close the other end firmly using hand pressure. Se in pics attached.
Tip- if you want close funnel in good way 7se a little bit of water on finger tip and rhen place it on the end part of funnel that is being to close

Step 5: Frying Crispy Somosa

Now take a Frying Pan and pour 200ml oil in it and then let it to become hot. After that put the somos filled that we prepared in previous step in this hot oil and fry it till it become light brown texture. Now after frying take away from hot oil and then serve it with sweet amd spicy sauce.

Congratulations Our Testy Crispy and Mouth watering Somosa is ready. And we have mafe it without maida flour.
Enjoy this yummy somosa with your friends.
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