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Since I first started to crochet again, just a few months ago, I haven't been able to really finish any of the crocheted projects that I started except little things like bracelets (see my VHS Tape Bracelet and Floral Crochet Bracelet).
For this reason, I am particularly proud of this crocheted bag that I was finally able to finish! :D

It's made of 17 granny squares joined together with single crochets. I used one of the basic granny square patterns so it's really easy to do.
Of course you can choose a different pattern...I actually had the inspiration for this bag looking at all the different granny square bags sold online, and I decided to try and make one. It was quite hard to pick one because there are so many different styles! Take a look here

So, here is mine...I hope you like it!

Step 1: What You Need:

  • Cotton thread n° 3 (I used two different colors)
  • crochet hook n° 4 - 1.75
  • piece of fabric
  • 4 curtain rings
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
List of stitches:
  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch
  • single crochet - sc
  • half double crochet - hdc
  • double crochet - dc

Step 2: Granny Square - the Beginning

This granny square is very easy to do and common too, so you probably know how to do it already if you are good at crocheting. But I am going to explain it anyway and I will try to be as clear as I can :)

First of all start with a slipknot, chain 6 and slip stitch in the slipknot to create a circle.
Chain 3. This will be counted as a dc.

Step 3: First Row

Make 2 dc and chain 2.
You have just made the first side of the square.

Make 3 dc and chain 2 (second side).
Repeat twice to create the other 2 sides of the squares.

Finally slip stitch in the first dc.

Step 4: Second Row

Chain 3 and make as many dc as the ones below (2 in this case).
Add 2 dc when you finally arrive to the hole at the angle of the square.

This is the method you have to use to make the sides of the square longer and longer in each row.
Chain 4 and make other 2 dc in that same hole.

Now, just like you did for the first side, make as many dc as the ones below (3) and add 2 dc in the angle.
Chain 4.

Continue this way to make all 4 sides and slip stitch in the first dc.

Step 5: Next Rows

You have to follow the same pattern you used for the second row to make the next ones:
  • chain 3
  • make as many dc as the ones below
  • add 2 dc at the end of the side
  • chain 4
  • make 2 dc in the same hole
  • continue with the other dc!
Make as many rows as you like, I made 7 and closed.

Your first granny square is ready! have to make other 16 squares now! :D
They must be 17 in total.

Step 6: Compose Your Bag!

You have to compose your bag now!

"Sew" your granny squares together using sc all around their sides.
Remember that what you keep in the front while you do this will become the back/inside of your bag later.

You have to join them together to create a particular shape, you can see it in the pictures above.

Step 7: The Inside

Now take a piece of fabric you like and lay your "bag" on it.

Draw its outline on the fabric using a pen or pencil and cut it.

Place this piece of fabric on what will be the inside of your bag.

Step 8: Secure

Fold the sides of the fabric on the inside, leaving the last row of dc free.
Secure the sides with pins as you fold them, to make sure that they don't move.

Do this for all the sides of the bag.

You'll notice that the fabric will be harder to fold in the internal angles, so just cut it a little to be able to fold the 2 sides (see pictures).

Step 9: Sew

You have to sew the fabric to the crocheted bag now...and yes, I really mean SEW now! :D

I am not good at sewing so this was the hardest part for me, but I am sure it will be much easier for you and the result will be much better!

Sew all around the fabric using a sewing machine.

Step 10: Close the Bag

You have a flat piece now so you are probably wondering how to close your bag...

Fold the bag in 2, leaving the fabric side on the outside (you'll turn it later).
You'll notice 2 half squares at the bottom of it: you have to sew their 2 sides to the squares above, always using sc.

This is much easier to do than to explain, I hope the pictures are clear enough, let me know if you have any question! :)

As you "sew" these sides together, your bag will finally take shape!

Turn it when you are done, so that the fabric part will be the inside of your bag.

Step 11: The Ring

The bag is almost ready, but I decided to add some flowers on the upper angles of the bag.

I used a plastic ring, a curtain ring actually.

Make a slipknot.
Make 42 sc all around the ring.
As you do this, try to incorporate the angle of the bag in it. In case you can't do it, you can sew them together later.
Slip stitch in the first sc.

Chain 3 and make 41 dc all around the ring (the first 3 chains are considered 1 dc).
Slipt stitch in the first dc.

Step 12: The Flower

You have to create the petals of the flower now.

So, leave out 3 dc and make 7 hdc all in the third dc.
Count 3 dc and slip stitch.
Again, count 3 dc and make 7 hdc in the same stitch.
Slip stitch after 3 dc.

This is what you have to do all around the ring to create the petals of the flower.
This way there will be 6 dc between each petal.

When you finally reach the first petal, slip stitch and close everything.
Your flower is done!

Make a flower for each of the 4 angles and add the handles your can even crochet them if you like!

You have just finished your crocheted bag! :)

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