Introduction: Crochet Basics: Hooks,yarn,and Chaining

Im creating this series because it is my one year anniversary of crocheting! And i love helping people.
Enjoy and please leave feedback in the comments!
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Step 1: Yarn

Most projects will require medium worsted weight yarn. My personal favorites are Red Heart and I Love This Yarn. The color i am using for this tutorial is by Red Heart and is in the color Bonbon print. Most skeins of yarn have about 300-400 yards in length in them are have a weight of about 7oz. A typical skein of red heart has 364 yards or 333 meters and weighs 7oz or 198 grams. And I Love This Yarn has 355 yards or 325 meters and weighs the same as Red Heart but is softer.

Step 2: Hooks

Crochet hooks come in many different styles and sizes. Hooks are made from acrylic, plastic, wood,aluminum, and stainless steel normally. Stainless steel hooks are the smaller sized ones ranging from a size 14 (0.75mm) to a size 00 (3.5mm). Aluminum hooks are measured in letter and range from B (2.25mm) to a size U (25mm). Most worsted weights yarns recommended hooks is a size I (5.5mm) but most project patterns will tell you which size to use. The hook im using today is a size G (4mm).

Step 3: Chaining

Chaining is very easy to do but one of the most important things in crochet. The chain is the base for most crochet projects and is essential for crocheting.
How to chain:
Attach a slip knot to the hook.
Wrap the yarn from the back of the hook and pull through the loop.

Step 4: Wrapping It All Up With a Big Bow

So thats all for today guys! Check my account for the next tutorial!

May your day be filled with gay,
Wishyoucouldbealoserlikeme <3

Step 5: Thank You

I'd like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for helping me with this one. Also she will be sharing this account with me now so stay tuned for more gayness!!!