Introduction: Crochet Border

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Crochet is a wonderful art to learn and to know. You can do a lot with a crochet hook and some yarn.

Today we'll be crocheting borders for fabric or a crochet project. The details and intricacy of these borders can be varied with the type of hooks and yarn you use. So choose the type of yarn you feel would look good on your fabric and begin crocheting.

So lets begin!!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Crochet fabric
  • Yarn of your choice
  • Crochet hook

Lets create some beautiful borders.

Step 2: Bordering

  1. I have used a 3mm crochet hook and cotton yarn for the borders of my halter top.
  2. Begin by inserting the hook(with the yarn loop) into the first chain of your fabric.
  3. Single crochet in this space.
  4. Chain 3 and insert hook into the 2 chain from the end of the fabric.

Step 3: Double Crochet

  1. Double crochet in the second chain on the fabric.
  2. Double crochets twice in the same chain.
  3. Chain one and double crochet thrice again in the same chain.
  4. Chain one and single crochet in the 2 chain from the working chain.
  5. Now repeat this step till your fabric ends to get a beautiful border.

You could even alternate the double crochet with a treble or single crochet.

Happy crocheting!!

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