Introduction: Crochet Ghost

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Boo! It's Halloween time!! And what's one of the best ways to celebrate??...............Crochet ghost!!!! Oh and there's also candy too............

Step 1: Supplies

1} Black yarn
2} White yarn
3} Yarn needle
4} H/8-5.00mm crochet hook
5} Scissors
6} Stuffing


Sc- Single Crochet
Ch- Chain
Scdc- Single Crochet Decrease

Step 2: The Base

Row 1} ch 2, sc 8 in the second ch from the hook
Row 2} ch 1, sc 2 in each previous sc
Row 3} ch 1, [sc 1, sc 2, repeat]
Row 4-14} ch 1, sc 1 in each sc
Row 15-20} ch 1, [sc 1, scdc 1, repeat]

Tie off yarn, stuff and then finish sewing.

Step 3: Sewing the Face

Attach black yarn using a yarn needle and sew a cute face onto your ghost.

Step 4: Finished

And your done. Now you have your own crochet ghost. Happy Halloween and stay safe! Hope you enjoy your ghost. If you would like to learn how to crochet a pumpkin check out my other instructables.

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