Introduction: Pocket Green Alien

Ever wanted a small green alien to cary around in your pocket! I do! Except 1 problem.. half my pants either dont have pockets or have fake pockets... but thats my problem not yours!

Now lets make a green alien! Or blue, or purple any color you want really!


Crochet hook (3mm)
Yarn! *i used redheart - beige (off-white), brown, green (or any color you wanna use!)
*obviously if you use bigger yarn or a bigger hook you will get a bigger toy just wanted to throw that out there.*
Yarn needle
Saftey eyes *optional
Stitch Markers

Step 1: Terminology

Note if your not sure about any of these stitches your probably better off just doing a search for them i am really bad at explaining things lolz.
Mr - magic ring
Sc - single crochet
Inc - Increase
Dec - Invisible Decrease *please look it up if you dont know how inv dec looks much nicer for amigurumi
" " - repeat this around
(#) - Is the number of stitches in a round this may not be 100% accurate i am a human who is bad at math >.<
Bpsc - Back Post single crochet

Step 2: The Head

Main head - in body color
1. Sc 4 in mr (4)
2. Inc around (8)
3. "Sc, Inc" around (12)
4. "2 sc, Inc" around (16)
5-6. Sc around (16)
7. "2 sc, Dec" (12)
8. "Sc, dec" (8)
FO do not close
* Stuff gently careful not to overstuff *

Ears ×2
1. Sc 2 in mr (2)
2. Inc around (4)
3. Sc, inc, inc, sc (6)
4. Sc around (6)
5. 2sc, inc, inc, 2sc (8)
6. Sc aroind (8)
7. 2sc, dec, 2sc (6)
FO leaving long tail for stitching on

Step 3: Body

Main body with brown
1. Sc 6 in mr (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. Sc, Inc (18)
4. BPSC around (18)
5-6. Sc around
7. "Sc 3, Dec" 3 times, 3 sc (15)
8. Sc around (15)
9. "Sc 1, Dec" (10)
10. Dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, dec
Fo leaving long tail for stitching head on


Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now the fun part!
I actually dont like this part.... I am bbad at stitching together qWq

1. Stitch the ears on I did the top of the ear on the 3rd row of the head *2 stitchs away from eye
2. Stitch arms on the body I did mine around 5 stitchs apart 2 rows down
3. Stutch head on body *ok i had a brain melt and messed up it was supposed to be even amount of stitches but its not... if you read this before you make it you can fiddle with that last body row you only need to decrease 2 times **not changing pattern just gonna mention it here
4. Stitch on scarf like thing or is it a cowl? Anwahs just wrap it how you want it around his neck then stitch it on

Others stuff
Use a small amouny of black to give it a smile
Use a small amount of body color to give it a bit of a nose

And there you have it a small pocket alien you can take him with you anywhere... ok probably not but you get the point.
My finished doll was 7 cm tall
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