Introduction: Crochet Pinecone

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Cute easy and fast crocheted pinecones to make you house ready for Autumn!!! Happy Fall!!!!! :)

Step 1: Supplies

Yarn needle
I/9-5.50mm Crochet hook

Crocodile stitch

Step 1: Crochet a foundation chain that is a multiple of 10 stitches + 1. In this example, I've crocheted a starting chain of 31 stitches. Step 2: Work 2 dc in 6th chain from hook.

Step 2: Start

Row 1} ch 4, dc 10 in the 4th ch from the hook
Row 2} ch 2, dc 1, dc 2, dc 1, Repeat
Row 3} ch 2, crocodile stitch all the way to the end.
Row 4} ch 2, dc 1, dc 2, dc 2, Repeat
Row 5} ch 2, dc 1 until the end
Row 6} crocodile stitch all the way to the end

Repeat rows 5 and 6 as many time as you like. Then stuff and tie off

Step 3: Tada!!

Now you got pretty pinecones to decorate your house for fall.

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