Introduction: Crochet Toothless

You can make your own Toothless with basic crochet knowledge. This Toothless pattern can appear complicated or overwhelming especially for a beginner so I've included a lot of pictures and video instructions to help you along. My hope is that even beginners can master this pattern!

The video instructions are to show the difficult parts and are not the pattern in full. The full written pattern can be downloaded here. Included are French and Spanish translations. If you make a Toothless I'd love to see him! You can post him to my Facebook page CraftasaurusTex.

Step 1: Materials

For Toothless you will need:

  1. Black yarn (I ball will be plenty)
  2. Crochet hook size G (or any size to crochet tightly, size depends on you)
  3. Stuffing
  4. Red yarn for the tail.
  5. Stitch markers (at least 4 preferably 2 different colors)
  6. Green felt
  7. Black felt
  8. White embroidery floss
  9. Tapestry needle
  10. Embroidery needle
  11. Scissors
  12. EZ-Steam

Step 2: Create the Head Pieces

The very first step of the pattern is to create the head pieces. This portion of the pattern is a very simple circle and the only difference between the two pieces is an extra round on one of them. Once you finish both of them you will pin them together at their nose markers with the right sides facing each other. You're going to be single crocheting around the edges to essentially sew them together. You'll turn this right-side out when you are finished.

Step 3: Sew Around the Head Pieces With a Single Crochet.

This portion is a lot easier to see in the video. You will be leaving a hole for the neck opening. Refer to the video for this portion.

Step 4: Creating the Neck

You will turn the head right-side out and begin crocheting around the opening of the head to create the neck. You will benefit from watching the video for this section also. Getting the seam stitches just right is important for the count. Once you have this portion mastered you can move on to the body section.

Step 5: Working on the Body

The only tricky part about the body is placing the markers and working to and around those markers in the proper way. This stitch marker dance is to ensure that your belly remains centered and doesn't get twisted around.

Step 6: Creating the Wings

This portion is likely the most difficult of the dragon and I've included a lot of pictures and TWO videos (that are essentially the same).

Each wing starts with a "wing arm". It's a small tube that you slightly stuff, put pipecleaners in, or leave unstuffed. That is up to you. I personally like to add just a touch of stuffing to make it stick off of the body slightly.

From the wing arm you will create a long chain and then work backwards on this chain to create the wing sections until you run out of the chain and then have to work directly from the wing arm. If that sounds difficult, don't worry, watch the video and you'll see how simple it is! Once you get the hang of it the whole wing will go by very quickly and easily.

Step 7: Create All of Your Bits.

There are a LOT of bits for this project.
You will have:

  • 2 back legs
  • 2 front legs
  • 1 red tail wing
  • 1 black tail wing
  • 2 tail fins
  • 2 big wings
  • 1 spike strip
  • 2 big ears
  • 4 medium head spikes
  • 2 small head spikes

Step 8: Sew Everything Together.

The brown dragon shows the position of the legs. The legs will be positioned so that the front legs are at the large part of the "belly" and the back legs are towards the skinny part of the belly more towards the tail.

I like to pin my wings down to make sure I put them both on straight down the middle.

Step 9: Embroidery

Use this to create the design on the red tail wing. I use white embroidery floss and stitch around the outline and then fill in with a satin stitch.

Step 10: Felt Eyes

You can use this to trace eyes. You're going to need two green eyes with two black pupils. This is where the EZ Steam comes in handy. EZ Steam comes in sheets. Both sides are sticky once the paper is pulled off. One side is slick and one is more like paper.

Hold the sheet up to the screen and trace the eye, zooming in and out to get it the right size first. Now peel the other paper off to expose one sticky side. Stick this to your felt and then cut out the eye following the lines. Once all of your pieces are cut out you'll pull the paper gently off. This will be a little difficult. You'll need patience and possibly the help of your fingernails. You need to work the edge of the paper away and leave the webbing on your felt. After the paper is gone you'll have little sticky eyes you can place onto your work in the perfect place. Line up your pupils and stick them onto your dragon.

To secure these permanently heat up an iron on low with steam. Gently press your eyes with your iron but don't leave it on one spot long. Burst them with steam and then give them a second to cool back down. You'll need to be careful not to melt your crochet (if using acrylic). In order for you not to mess up all of your hard work at the end you might want to practice on a swatch of your yarn. Single crochet a small square with the same yarn and practice ironing a small bit of felt to it to get the hang of how long you'll need to press and what kind of heat your yarn can take.

Step 11: Enjoy Your Toothless!!

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