Introduction: Crocheted Animal Crossing Bell Bag D&D Dice Bag

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When getting into the role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons I decided I wanted to make my own crocheted dice bag, that would be inspired by one of my favorite Nintendo games, Animal Crossing! The bag works like a drawstring and can hold anything you want. Not only that, but you can also have it finished in only 1-2 hours making for a great afternoon quarantine craft. :)

Pattern Notes:

Tip: This bag is the perfect size to hold dice for role-playing games like D&D.

This pattern will be worked in continuous rounds.

Use a stitch marker to keep track of which round you are on.

Each bell bag will be one-of-a-kind.

Assembly instructions can be found at the end of the pattern.

Have Fun!


Hook: (Size H/5.00mm)

Yarn: Size 4 worsted weight (yellow or gold, light brown, and red or a red ribbon)

Yarn Needle

Stitch Marker


Abbreviations/Stitches Used:

MC - Magic Circle

SC - Single Crochet

INC - Increase

SC2TOG - Single Crochet Decrease

DC - Double Crochet

TC - Triple Crochet

CH - Chain

st - stitch

sts - stitches

slst - slip stitch

sk - skip

FO - Finish Off

Step 1: Bag

Using Gold or Yellow Yarn:

Round 1: Start 6 SC in a MC [6]

Round 2: INC in each st around [12]

Round 3: (SC in next st, INC) 6x [18]

Round 4: (SC in next 2 sts, INC) 6x [24]

Round 5: (SC in next 3 sts, INC) 6x [30]

Round 6: (SC in next 4 sts, INC) 6x [36]

Round 7: (SC in next 5 sts, INC) 6x [42]

Round 8-21 (14 rounds): SC in each st around [42]

Round 21: (SC in next 3 sts, CH 3, sk the next 3 sts) x7 slst to the first st [42]

Round 22: DC in each st around, slst to the first st [42]

FO, and hide both ends well.

Step 2: Star

Using Dark Brown Yarn:

Round 1: Start 10 SC in a MC [10]

Round 2: CH 1, (2 DC, TC, CH 2, SC in top of TC (picot), 2 DC in one st, SC in next st) 4x. Join with sl st to first SC [28]

FO, leaving a1.5 foot end to sew.

Step 3: Ribbon

Using Red Yarn (or a ribbon if you prefer):

Row 1: CH 3, turn [3]

Row 2: SK first st, SC in the next 2 sts [2]

Row 3-75 (73 rounds): CH 1, SC in the next 2 sts [2]

FO, and hide ends on both sides.

Step 4: Assembly

Step 1:

Sew the brown star in the middle of the bag using the dark brown yarn end. Hide the ends in the star so that brown does not show in the bag.

Step 2:

Weave the red "ribbon" into the holes created by the skipped stitches. Pull the top tight, and tie the ends into a bow.

Step 3:

You're done! Feel free to use your animal crossing bell bag to hold knickknacks or dice for Dungeons and Dragons.

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