Introduction: Crocheted Ankle Bracelets

Step 1: Materials

(Cut thread about 1-2 feet long it depends on how big you ankle is)

Step 2: Starting

Slip know then ch 5

Step 3: Adding Beads

Take bead and string it on the working yarn/thread. Then ch 1

Step 4: After Beading

After your bead, ch 3

Step 5: Repeat

~repeat these steps till the end.
-remember ever so often check your work to see if the anklet is big enough or not. Just to check!;)-

Step 6: Ending Time :(

Ok so the ending is near... Ch 5 when your done with the anklet/bracelet

Step 7: Done!

Voila! Your anklet is done! As you see I made mine a Fourth of July anklet since it's almost near! Hope u liked it! Follow me plz!