Introduction: Cube Infinity Mirror

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Have you ever imagined you accidentally fall into an infinite space and embark on a wonderful journey? Imagine infinite size, we can also make our own infinite cube infinity mirror. let's do this

Step 1: Prepare Material

1.3D Printed Shell

2.Full color RGB light tape

3.Arduino-Uno development board

4.Acrylic semi-lens

Step 2: Print 3D Shell

First, print out the designed housing. The design of the shell is larger, 3D printing time is longer( about 10 hours.)

Step 3: Connection Wires

When you print the shell, you can also make wires connection. Follow the wiring diagram picture and solder the light strip and the arduino controller together. Because the lamp band length is shorter and requires less current, it can be powered directly by a USB cable.

Step 4: ‚ÄčAssembly

When assembling, install from bottom to top.and first remove the inner protective film of the semi-lens, and then remove the outer protective film after all installation to prevent damage to the mirror during installation.The lamp band is divided into two layers, with black wire welding between the two layers.

After all installed, check whether the light belt installation is secure, to prevent the late light belt off glue off. After checking correctly, the cover can be installed and the protective film on the surface removed.

Step 5: Uploading Code

The last step is to upload code, here is the Arduino nano microcontroller, the development environment is Arduino IDE, the code after repeated debugging and download to the microcontroller.

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