Introduction: Custard and Custard Powder ( Home Made)

This Recipe is written from the scratch. I have shown here how to make the custard powder , which is the main ingredient for making the custard.

Its a lovely dessert and can be used as a part of many other recipes.

I have explained the process and ingredients in two parts.Hope you like it. Enjoy cooking.

Step 1: Ingredients


(For Custard Powder)

1. Corn Starch -2 1/2 tbsp

2. Food Color - A pinch ( orange color)

3. Vanilla Essence- 1/2 tsp

( For Making Custard)

1.Milk- 1 Liter

2.Sugar- 80- 100 grams( 10 to 11 tbsp)

3. Prepared Custard Powder- 2 1/2 tbsp

Step 2: Method


( For Custard Powder)

Add the corn starch, food color and vanilla essence powder in a bowl and mix well.Thus the custard powder is ready.

(For Custard)

Boil 800 ml milk and when its starts boiling ass sugar and cardamom powder.

Then in a separate bowl add the custard powder and the remaining cold milk ,dissolve the custard powder well in the milk and add this mixture to the boiling milk.Give a stir. The milk will start thickening.

Thus that indicates that the custard is now ready.

Turn the gas off and serve it in a serving bowl .

Let it cool completely and you can also refrigerate it. Serve it cool with fruits Or make fruit raffle out of it.

Eat n Enjoy.