Introduction: Custom Controller

Hey everybody. This is my first instructable, so please leave me feedback in the comments, thanks.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

X-acto blade or scissors,
Drill bit,
Tip for opening controllers,
Screwdriver that tip can fit into,
Spray paint an clear coat,
Xbox 360 controller,
Plastic sandwich bag,
Screw driver,
Sharpies (I forgot a picture)

Step 2: Disassembly

Step 1: find the screws
Step 2: the ones on the bottom are hard to get at, so drill or cut the hole bigger
Step 3: take out screws, and put them in the bag
Step 4: Take off back part
Step 5: take out the board and everything that's not part of the shell out and put In the bag
Step 6: take the rest of the shell apart
Step 6: take the D-Pad part apart by unscrewing the little screws and unclipping it

Step 3: Painting

Step 1: take parts you want to paint
Step 2: the parts you want to keep the same color put tape over
Step 3: Select colors
Step 4: put on card board or something your okay with getting paint on
Step 5: PAINT!
Paint in a well ventilated area or outside, don't paint to close or it'll run, and make sure to get everywhere

Step 4: In the Meantime

While its drying for an hour or two keep busy, watch tv or something

Step 5: Adding Designs

Step 1: take tape off
( If you want to do another coat repeat step 3)
Step 2: add design like a drawing in sharpie

Step 6: Clear Coat

(clear coat all items that have been spray painted and drawn on)
Use the same way as the spray paint and let dry for longer (it's the final coat)

Step 7: Re Assembly

Step 1: put the buttons into place
Step 2: put the D-Pad back in
Step 3: put the black button parts on
Step 4: put thumb sticks back on (if taken off)
Step 5: put shell back together
Step 6: put board and everything back in
Step 7: screw back on

Step 8: Enjoy

Have fun with your custom controller!