Introduction: How to Play 'Assassins'

Now Assassins is a game that a friend and I came up with, and we like playing with the neighbor kids.

Step 1: The Basics

So basically Assassins is a backyard game based on the Assassins Creed video game multiplayer. You run around and hit people with foam swords, and if you don't have one use your imagination. So In the videogame you can customize a character then hunt down other people and kill them. And in our adaptation you wear your sweetest most assassin like outfit and creat your own character, then hunt down people and kill them. And like in the game you hide anywhere you can (bushes, sheds, etc. if you hit someone with a weapon they die, but there are also throwing knives (snow or small pieces of foam wrapped in duct tape) which stuns you.

Step 2: Dieing and Being Stunned

If you die you have to walk somewhere where no one else is with your hands up and wait 10 seconds. And if you are stunned you have to kneel on the ground for 5 seconds and not move.

Step 3: Game Modes

My friends and I usually play Free for All (everyone vs everyone else), but there is also teams which is half people hunting and half hiding. When playing teams the team hiding can't kill attackers but they can stun them by tapping them with their weapons (this stun lasts 10 seconds)

Step 4: Safety

To make sure you have fun BE SAFE! No throwing rocks or ice balls, no hitting too hard, no actual climbing buildings, nothing that could injure yourself or anyone else.

Step 5: HAVE FUN!

Now go ahead and try this for yourself. Make new rules, alternate some make new game types, and over all HAVE FUN!