Custom Hood Props for CAR SHOWS

Introduction: Custom Hood Props for CAR SHOWS

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Yes yes another Instructable about my car, but it has to be done lol

This Instructable will show you how to take any action figure or what ever you want really and turn it into a "Hood Prop", "Bonnet Stay" or what ever you want to call it.

As you can guess I love anything Automotive and attend lots of car shows with my pride and joy in the UK.

A popular trend is people using "hood Props" these are everyday items that for show and display purposes hold open an individuals bonnet or hood at shows so everyone can see the engine bay (looks better than the old stick and adds a bit of fun even if you have gas struts)

most of the time this can be anything from red bull cans, bits of wood and lazer cut pieces of metal with logos, so it occured to me why not try something different to show off the "hulk" of a 2.8 VR6 which my car is running

So lets get started..........

Step 1: Items Needed......

Now i decided to go with an old INCREDABLE HULK figure found in the attic as he is cool and is around 19" tall but you can use any thing you want as long as its stirdy, cool and will take the weight of the bonnet.

List needed :

Figure you want to use or item you want to use (price depends

Hot glue gun £3-5 from ebay

Step 2: Trial and Error....

Now before you rush into gluing and placement i would make sure your chosen "figure" will do the job and hold the bonnet at the correct height.

For me I wanted it just to holf up the bonnet enought for shows to give a sneek peak at all the work that has been done and still keep the shape of the car if that makes sense.....

Anyway once you have your chosen figure and decided what pose for them to be in and it WILL work, then its time to glue.

I was lucky with hulk as he was already a big, thick, stirdy design and only needed to glue his arms and legs in the required position with a small amount of glue on his back where his arms and legs moved, but others many need more support and a bit more work

Step 3: Result....

The result is a funky bonnet prop that attracts attention at shows from everyone and also gives you a fun prop to use in pics too as you can see.


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