Introduction: Custom Lego Castle

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This was a very fun build, utilizing my knight Lego pieces and other miscellaneous bricks. It took me anywhere between 40 to 60 hours to complete the model, spread out over about two weeks. My creation is built on a table that is 35 inches wide and 60 inches long. It was worth all the time it took to make the model, and I hope you like it!!

Step 1: Gathering Pieces

The first part of my build consisted of me gathering up all my knight Lego sets and other pieces that I would need. I gathered my base plates and set them all out on my table.

Step 2: Foundation Part One

The second phase of my build was to create the foundation for the inner fortress and the area for the dungeon. I used colored bricks for the main foundation, then I added some grey bricks to create the look I desired. After the main foundation was in place, I added the dungeon walls and the door to the dungeon.

Step 3: Foundation Part Two

The third part of my build was creating the foundation for the castle walls. Building this was similar to the fortress foundation, the difference was that I had to stack the colored bricks across each other to make a strong platform for the flat grey bricks.

Step 4: Building the Walls, Towers, and the Gate

The fourth section of my build was creating the castle walls, gate, and towers. I started by building the basic structure of the walls on each side, then I built the towers structure and went on to put in the gate. After the gate was in place I finished the towers. Finally, I put in all the decoration pieces on the walls, towers, and the gate.

Step 5: Building the Dungeon

The fifth step of the my plan was to build the dungeon. The main design has three pillars, the jail walls and detailing of furniture in the cells: bed, table, and chairs.

Step 6: Building the Inner Fortress

The sixth part of the castle was to create the detachable inner fortress. I started by creating the foundation, then I built up to where the platform was put in, and finally I built the decorative pieces.

Step 7: Building Extra Structures

In the seventh stage, I designed some extra structures like this house. Inside the house there is a fireplace, a bed, a table, stools, and a little dresser.

Step 8: Placing Outer Structures and Farm

The individualized buildings were added to the model in the eighth step. There is a total of three buildings: a house, a stable, and a mill. A small farm is also present growing carrots, tomatoes, and corn.

Step 9: Covering Remaining Gray Patches

The ninth phase was to cover the remaining gray patches. I used tan, green, dark green, and brown flat bricks. During this step, a pond was created next to the mill.

Step 10: Adding Outside Extras

The tenth part of my design was to include the outside extras. I added the trees, then the cobblestone road. Next, I put in a few other things such as, animals, rocks, grass and flowers..

Step 11: Building the Minifigures

The eleventh step was to build all the Minifigures. I tried to assemble them randomly because I thought it would be more realistic. There are about 48 lion knights and about 45 dragon knights.

Step 12: Adding Inner Extras

The twelfth section was to put in all the inner extras. These consisted of barrels, shields, weapons, food, and other pieces. I completed the fortresses interior work by adding training dummies, a blacksmith, a table with stools, and the king's armor rack. I completed the dungeon by adding a table with stools, extra food, and extra armor.

Step 13: Adding Minifigures

The thirteenth and final piece of my design was to add the Minifigures. In the fort I have men running to battle and the king and his officials talking. In the dungeon there are two guards and two prisoners. Around the castle there are men running around to places to defend the gate and the walls. On the walls there is fighting. The dragon knights have siege ladders and smaller regular ladders allowing them to get over the walls. At the gate, the drawbridge's chains were cut and a battering ram is breaking through the gate. Above the gate wall some archers have been hit by the catapult's rock. Out in the village there is a battle occurring, and the two in black are archers on the lion knights' side.

Step 14: Thank You!!

Thank you for taking the time to view my Instructable. If you liked it, please take time to vote for me. If you're interested in more, leave a comment and I will try to post more build logs.

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