Introduction: Lego Star Wars Kashyyyk Outpost

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My Lego creation is set on the planet Kashyyyk from Star Wars. I decided to make the setting more in the Jungle, while adding a cool river. This took me a couple of months to build and I feature some of my own custom vehicles and such. I'm sorry some of the pictures are mixed around (like the trees), because I built them at different times. Also, I'm sorry for the different lighting of the pictures, as I switched cameras midway through building.

Step 1: Finding a Place to Build

I started this creation by finding a location to build it. This is the same place I built my custom castle, which I had to take down. I find it's nice to have a large area to build, but you should make sure you have enough pieces to build what you want at that size.

Step 2: Laying Down the Foundation

After finding the place to build, I went ahead and started laying down the foundations for the landscape. This is a good step to take when building a large scale Lego creation, because it adds depth and keeps it very sturdy. If you keep your creation flat it may not seem as realistic or stand out.

Step 3: Covering Up the Foundations

Once the foundations were finished I went ahead and covered them up with dark tan, tan, green, dark green, and brown Lego plates. It is good to use a variety of colors when you build a landscape because in real life a forest isn't just green or brown, it would have multiple shades of both.

Step 4: Building the Outpost

I wanted to incorporate some sort of republic building or base in my creation. Since I had two custom walkers I was going to use, I decided to make an area specifically for them. This outpost is an area for walkers to load up and refuel. It also has crates, a power generator, a refueling station, communication table with small model of the creation, a tool rack, weapon rack, helmet rack, and some more smaller details. I always like to put some sort of base or outpost in my creations, but it's perfectly fine to just create a giant battle.

Step 5: Building Trees

I found this step one of the hardest to carry out. I tried multiple times building these trees to get them a way I really liked, and these are the ones I settled on. I would have liked them to be bigger and more like the ones in Episode Three, but I just didn't have the pieces to get them that size. When building big trees, I recommend not leaving the inside hollow. You will want these trees to be as sturdy as you can make them. Also, if you don't love the tree you make the first time, don't be afraid to tear it down and try again.

Step 6: Putting Depth Into the Land

In this phase, I basically put more of the Lego plates over the ones already there to add more detail and a lot more depth into the land. I would say you don't need to do this especially if you created depth with Step 2. I think the added plates make the land look really good, more specifically the smaller plates like the 1x2, 2x3, and others like that.

Step 7: Placing the River

For this river I used three different colored studs trans-clear dark blue, light blue, and clear. I put them down dark blue, clear, and then light blue. Afterwards I mixed them around. I used around 2-3 thousand studs total, but I found I could of used a lot more studs. I like the technique of just laying the studs down instead of sticking them on. You could try sticking them on instead or I used to use solid blue plates (I used the plates in my castle's moat), but I didn't really like that solid appearance as much, so I changed.

Step 8: Setting Small Details

After the river and more base plates were set, I started to put the small details on. These consisted of a variety of different colored studs and 1x1 slopes. Again I wouldn't say this step is necessary, but it does add a nice look and more detail.

Step 9: Adding Plants and Grass

I find this step to be pretty fun placing all the grass and plants, because you can see your creation coming to an end. My advice would be - try not placing the plants in a consistent way, rather try to place them randomly to get a more realistic and lifelike look.

Step 10: Building a Bridge

At the beginning when I was thinking about what I wanted to make, I imagined there would be a bridge, so I fulfilled that and created one. My advice here would be stick to your plan but don't be afraid to add things.

Step 11: Placing Vehicles

This step came kind of throughout the whole building process and not at a specific time, as you probably saw vehicles put in at earlier steps. Here I would encourage you not to make your creation too crowded or without enough things in it. With that said, I probably put in a little too many droid vehicles.

Step 12: Setting Explosions

I liked adding this step because I don't usually do this. I thought it turned out really well. My advice here would be to experiment with different looks before you build the final thing. I experimented for awhile and found that a few of the stud-sphere-fire things that I put together look pretty good as an explosion.

Step 13: Placing Troops

This step is my favorite step, because it completes the scene and you get to pose all the figures how you want. I find it's good to balance the two sides, but this here is different, because it's a droid invasion!

Step 14: Finished!!!!

Thank you for viewing my Instructable!! Please vote for me. Also, if anyone really wants me to show them how to make one of my custom creations please ask, and I may be able to help. Also, stay tuned-in for next creation will probably be WWII related!!!

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