Introduction: Custom Lego Chopper Bike

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Do you ever get tired of your Lego characters driving around on FOUR wheels? Ugh, so boring. Well, lucky for you, I have some easy instructions for a nice chopper bike. And, get this, it has TWO WHEELS! You can finally get away from those dumb car things.

But on a serious note, follow the pictures below to build the chopper.

No Arnold Schwarzenegger, not that type of chopper.

Step 1: Parts Required

These are the parts you need to make your own bike.

Step 2: Buildin Stuff

Time to assemble your chopper bike. If you used the parts shown in the parts required step, follow the pictures to build. But if you were too cool for that, then I cannot help you anymore.

Step 3: Ride Into the Sunset, or a Biker Bar

Boom! You have a chopper bike for your minifigures. Now they can do biker things! Ride cross country, join a biker gang, wear leather jackets, the works.

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