Introduction: Bionicle Lever-Action Rifle

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What's up guys? Today I have an instructable on how to make a lever-action rifle for bionicle figures. This may not be the coolest looking gun I've made but I thought it at least was somewhat interesting. So let's go on this journey together... I guess.

Step 1: Parts Required

These are the parts that I used to make the gun. But if you want to disgrace me and my honor, feel free to use different ones!*

*using different parts will not actually disgrace me and my honor

Step 2: Assembluhh

In order for your bionicle figures to be prepared for the day of reckoning they will need the correct firepower. Lucky for you I am here using my life that I don't have to build weapons out of toys for ten year olds! But anyway here is the assembly process!

Step 3: Lever-Action Rifle... Dunzo!

There she is! Your brand new rifle for your bionicle figures. Have them get out there and fight against what ever they are fighting against in your universe.

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