Introduction: Bionicle Fallout 3 Liberty Prime

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What's up my plastic architects? Today I have another instructable for you, one that I believe I did somewhat well on. It's definitely not an exact replica of Liberty Prime, but I think it's not bad for using all Lego/ bionicle parts.

Anyway let's start the building!

Step 1: You Need Dis Stuff

These are the parts I used to build this thing that looks somewhat similar to Liberty Prime. I'm sure there are some changes that can be made, but this is what I used.

The first picture is all the parts in one, the next three are the first picture split up into closer shots.

Really, it looks somewhat like it right? Right?

Step 2: The Legs and Torso

First we will start with the torso and legs, the pictures above illustrate what to do.

Step 3: The Arms

Next we build the arms.... So.... Yeah.... Follow the pictures to do so.

Step 4: The Mini Nuke

Next is one of LP's best weapons, his mini nuke. One that he throws like the best football QB ever! (I don't follow football very thoroughly so I suck with player names). But anyway here's how to build it.

Step 5: Liberty or Death!!

That's it! Now you have your own bionicle Liberty Prime. Again it may not be an exact part by part replica, but I personally believe it looks pretty good for what I had

Anyway that's all for today guys, thank you very much for viewing and I hope you enjoy the build. Feel free to favorite if you liked it, and follow if you want more. Also leave a suggestion in the comments area of you want me to build something. And (if your idea is chosen) I will put your username in the title! Free publicity, it's priceless! Thanks again guys, BUILD ON!