Introduction: Custom Packaging Using Mushroom Foam

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I created custom environmentally friendly packaging for a mason jar using Ecovative GIY mushroom foam. The entire process takes 8-9 days to complete from start to finish, with two 4-5 day waiting periods. I made the packaging for a 1 qt. Ball mason jar.

You will need:

1. GIY bag or GIY packaging kit

2. Seran wrap

3. 2 x 3 gallon plastic bags

4. Hobby knife or box cutting blade

5. Marker

6. 12 inch ruler or measuring tape

7. Masking tape

8. Water

9. Flour

10. Mixing bowl

11. Medical gloves

Step 1: Begin Growing the Mushroom Material

-Begin the growing the mushroom material 4 days before making the packaging.

-Follow the GIY instructions from the Ecovative website.

-You will need:

1. Water

2. Tape

3. Scissors

4. Flour

5. Mixing bowl & stirring device

Step 2: Fit the Jar to the Box

1. I used a 7"x7"x7" standard box from Uline (same box the GIY material was shipped in). Make sure there there is atleast 3/4" between all sides of the product and the box you use. This will ensure the Mushroom material will hold together and will provide adequate cushioning.

2. I covered the jar with Seran wrap to make sure no material got inside. I would also do this if you were using something that isn't waterproof / resistant as the material in the next steps is wet. I placed tape around the center of the jar and marked the center line using the marker and a ruler.

Step 3: Cut the Box in Half

1. Mark the center line on the box using the ruler and marker.

2. Cut the box at the center line using the box cutter or hobby knife.

Step 4: Form the Packaging Parts

1. Fill both halves of the box partway with material.

2. Insert the jar into the material so that the center line matches the center line of the box.

3. Fill around the bottom and top of the jar as needed to leave at least a 3/4" imprint into the material.

Step 5: Grow the Two Halves

1. Cover each half with the 3 gallon plastic bag and tape the end.

2. Poke 4-5 holes in each bag with a thumb tack to allow some air exchange.

3. Grow for 4-5 days and then remove the plastic bag to check on the parts.

Step 6: Dry and Use the Parts

1. Remove each part from the box mold.

2. Place in a convection oven at 180 F for 2-3 hours or until parts are light and dry.