Introduction: Customized Kindle/iPad Cover, Reuse Old Cloth

Well not everyone likes those hideous covers in market which are somewhat overpriced. So, why not make your own ?

It will hardly take an hour and would be a fun thing to do.

So lets make a personalized tablet cover, can be for iPad or kindle, or whatever.

[ PS- yeah, before you post it in comments, i know i have a really old kindle. :P ]

Step 1: Raw Materials

Well, not so raw actually. You need to get hands onto basic supplies and some pretty used stuff. Here's a list of what and what.

1.A sewing base (board) is recommended but not entirely required.

2. Sewing machine

3. Thread. Make sure it matches your color theme, or else contrasts it.

4. Measuring scale. Now this is is a must have to make accurate cuts.

5. Marking pen. Make sure it is NOT permanent.

6. Some fabric glue

7. Your selected fabric with which you will start making this

8. Needles, puncturing pin (i honestly don't know what else you call those little metal rod with tiny fork. My apologies) and buttons.

Step 2: Measuring and Cuting

Make a measure of your kindle, or in fact any other tablet.

Keep a slight margin after taking size of tablet and cut the cloth along with a filling material, usually a thin layer of felt or foam.

Put the clip button in the center and fold its fat pin in opposite directions for retention.

Step 3: Inside Out, Clamp

For ideal sewing, sew it inside out. This ensures that seams are invisible and nice on eyes.

make Two (2) flat layers of fabric out of the cutouts. One of them should be longer so as to provide for the overleaf which is required for folding. The clamp button will go on this piece.
Sew the edges firmly to avoid any loose ends.


To put the clamp button, pierce a little hole through the upper leaf at an approximate location.

Place the button through this and add a tiny piece of cloth to act as an "washer" which actually reduces force acting on the fabric. Meaning ? It would prevent your dear cloth upper to tear from the area near the button after frequent use.

Use plier to flatten the pins, and slight hammering can also be done.

Place another layer of cloth on top of this and fold the seams INWARDS. This would create the outer layer of the cover. Don't forget to sew it here.

Step 4: Finished Seams

I would recommend putting two layers of patterned cloth front and back and then sewing along the edges.

This would give it a more premium feel.

Place the two newly created layers on each other with the longer one at bottom. Fold its "leaf" and check that it is enough and folds down properly. Then sew them in U shape starting from one edge and going to the other while creating a pocket in it.

I would recommend putting your kindle or tab here and check if it is not too tight or loose.

Step 5: Folding Down

Check the length of the leaf and the magnetic clamp from the folding line of the leaf. From the same folding line and along the bottom side, place the second half of clamp just like the first one.

Step 6: All Done

Voila, enjoy your own personalized tab cover. How's that for a custom gift and reuse ?

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