Introduction: Game of Thrones, Sketch on Glass

Making your favourite character from Game of thrones is a definite fandom treat. We can use an existing windows pane and use it for creating a memorable sketch which will definitely make an ideal declaration of a fandom. In this instructable we will use a black and white pen sketch and replicate it on a glass panel with the super easy and super fast way. Trust me, with this method you put on a real fast pace and can complete a full 2x3 feet sketch in just under an hour.

So lets get on to this and get our windows and door panes a new personality !

Step 1: Follow Your Quirk

Before getting our hands dirty lets take a nice time out for deciding your theme of your next artwork. Search for your favourite character or genre and then search for its sketches and black and white images on popular search engines like google and bing. It is not necessary for the images to be in black and white only. You can use even coloured ones, but then be prepared from more permanent colour markers and extra time in detailing. But never mind, go for what you want, don't let anyone else say different.

Step 2: Gathering Our Minerals and Resources

Yep, these are precious minerals for us fan boys. To make your next masterpiece you need a few basic supply. Take a look and get on your wild hunt.

1. Transparent glass panel (preferably taken from a window/door which would be put back after work giving the window/door a customized look. Also you can simply make it on your desktop glass panel).

2. Permanent markers which can be used on glass. If your design allows for wide and bigger strokes then you can even use Acrylic colours and brushes. Acrylic colours have good retention on glasses, so no problem.

3. Regular Cleaning fluid for making the glass dust free before work.

4. PC and printer. Also you would need a poster printing software (something like Ronyasoft

that's pretty much everything you need. Your requirements can vary depending on the level of details you want to give. Now in this instructable I will make the Game of Thrones' Arya Stark and the Three eyed Crow. I have selected a very minimalistic but surreal and detailed black and white sketch. I got the image from the internet but I could not trace it back to the original artist, and as such cannot give him/her their due credit. It is essentially a remix between Arya's portrait and the Crow in the BG. I like it the most.

Step 3: Good Artists Cheat, Great Artists Steal

we ain't here to make the next "Mona Lisa" or the "Screamer" , so we will settle down with cheating a bit. Now after deciding and downloading your theme image (of course after due permission from original author in case where available) we will use it to create our base image.

To do so we need to first examine our workspace. We need to size our glass pane and measure it in inches. This would also give us an idea if we want the art in portrait or landscape.

After measuring we would use the poster printer to create a poster from A4 sheets. Since I earlier drew on a 20"x30" Glass I would show you steps for creating a poster of that size. But for showing you drawing I would use a sample glass pane of 1x1 feet.

Step 4: Creating Sample Poster

1. Fire up your favourite poster printer software and then select your desired image.

2. Crop image to remove all extra unwanted areas (if any).

3. Since you need an overlapping image composite, do-not print trim-lines or glue margins.

4. Select width and height of your glass panel. It is advisable here to keep poster size SLIGHTLY less than the actual pane.

5. Put in few sheets of A4 plain paper and print it up.

6. On a flat table or floor arrange these pieces together and make a layout of the image. Satisfy yourself with exactness of sync between pages.

7. Now carefully, without displacing the papers, place the glass on top of them exactly covering the pages under it. Now your workspace is ready.

Step 5: Creating Art

Choose your weapons. If your art calls for minute and detailed lining use thin permanent marking pen or else use a thicker tip bullet type marker. Lets get drawing!

1. Before doing any other thing, lets clean the glass pane by cleaning agent to remove any dust or fingerprints.

2. Using the sheet below for reference carefully, by a light hand, start to draw basic outlines in the image.

3. Continue up to make more intricate details like hands, face and eyes.

4. Use light touch to create a general outline of almost everything in the image.

5. If the space allows and the stroked permit, use the wider tipped marker to fill up the insides quickly.

6. Now let it dry and then after one light check up against light for missed spots, put it back where you took it from.

Voila ! your art is now ready to become a masterpiece. Now be a nice person and throw away the makeshift poster and go on to tell people that you ACTUALLY painted it all by your own hand! and that too in under an hour ;) haha. Enjoy their responses and feedback.

Step 6: Tips

1. Ensure glass is clean before painting.

2. You can put coloured glazing paper on the back of the glass pane and in sunlight it will create a mesmerizing effect.

3. Make complex designs by using coloured markers.

4. Start from top-left and keep going downwards. (left handed people follow inversely)

5. Contact me if you cannot find the poster software for free and cannot pay for licencing. I would let you use my own copy for some time.

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