Introduction: Cut a Pint of Cherry Tomatoes in 3 Seconds!

This time of year in New Jersey, Cherry Tomatoes are abundant, delicious and a staple of anybody's weekend.

Here is a way to cut an entire pint in seconds and have no mess to clean up and no cuts on the tips of your fingers.

This could be easily applied to grapes, olives or any food item the size of a small marble.

Step 1: Items You Will Need...

Two identical kitchen plates

An 8" or bigger cutting knife. We recommend a long thin blade.

1 pint of tomatoes

Step 2: Turn One Plate Upside Down...

Turn one plate upside down as this will be the base.

Step 3: Add Your Pint of Tomatoes...

Add all you tomatoes in one level layer.

Step 4: Put the Other Plate on Top...

Add your remaining plate on top and right side up. Align the two plates together with the tomatoes in the middle.

Step 5: Cut the Tomatoes...

GENTLY put your hand on the top plate to hold securely in place. Too much pressure will squish your tomatoes!

Take your knife on it's side and simply slice all the way through.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Tomatoes!

Use them as you need for your dish.

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