Introduction: Cute Barrette

This burette is very easy and cheap to do. Very simple but it can complete an outfit beautifully.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Tools •scissors•clear nail polish• Supplies •barrette•string/yarn• Note: the string/yarn is many pieces of different length tied together. Be sure to have a tail on the knot.

Step 2: Get Started

Open the barrette and lay the end of the string/yarn on the metal piece on the side. Wrap the string/yarn around until the end is covered.

Step 3: What Now...

When you come across a knot, just wrap the string/yarn around the tail so it is flat.

Step 4: Cross Over

Wrap the string/yarn all the way down to the end of the barrette then just slip it under the other side and just wrap it around the other side of the barrette. If you come across a not at the end just snip off the tail.

Step 5: Uh Oh...

If you think that you are going to run out of string/yarn just add some on the end.

Step 6: Knot and Snip

Once you have reached the end you will loop the string/yarn through the last round twice and tug lightly until tight. Then snip of the end.

Step 7: Will It Stay?

Put a little clear nail polish on ALL of the knots. Even do a little of the area around the knot to be safe.

Step 8: Wear or Gift

Now you are done and can wear or gift this cute Barrette.

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