Introduction: Cute Felted Penguin

Felting is a hobby that has taken an amazing turn! Recently, I created this adorable felted penguin that only takes five steps and is super fun to make.

Step 1: Marterials and Body

The materials include:

  • A three pointed needle (Optional)
  • A felting needle
  • A Large ball of white felt and gray felt
  • A small amount of orange felt and black felt
  • Felting pad

The first step, and probably the most time consuming one, is felting the body. In order to do this, you must take the large ball of white felt and felt it into a bowling pin form. Felt it hard or the entire project with come loose.

(Tip: the best way to felt a bowling pin shape, is to felt a circle and then slowly felt the top of it more than the body.)

Step 2: Coloring the Body

The next step is to make the body black. By doing this it makes it look more like a Penguin. First, rap the bottom portion of the body in gray leaving space for only the stomach. Then, cover the head making a dip on the forehead.

Step 3: The Wings

The next step is adding wings to your Penguin. First take a little bit more grey felt and roll it into a ball. Then, felt it to a flat oval. Attach one side of the oval to your Penguins body by poking the felting needle in just the top portion of the oval, thus creating a wing. Do the same thing for the other side.

Step 4: Adding the Face

The fourth step is to add the face. Using the small bit of black felt, break it in half and roll both pieces into small balls. Then, using the single pointed needle, attach it to the face. Then, take the small bit of orange and divided into 3 pieces. You will need one piece for this step, and two for the next step. Take one of the pieces and roll it into a cone. Then attach the cone to the bottom of the grey dip on the face. And poof! The face is finished.

Step 5: The Feet

The final step is to attach the feet to the bottom of the penguin. To do this, use the last two balls of orange felt and attach them to the creature. Now you are all done and your penguin is complete.

Step 6: Making More

Of course, everybody needs a friend. If you want, you can make more of the penguins and play with them together.

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