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Hello! I'm going to show you how to make wallpapers on your computer. We are going to be using Canva. Let's get started!

Step 1: Go to

This will take you to their website. If you've never used Canva before then it will make you make an account or sign up with google or other platforms. Sign in and you'll be good to go!

Step 2: Search for Desktop Wallpaper

This will let you start creating a custom wallpaper for your computer.

Step 3: Template or Blank?

You choose! If you pick a template than you can download it as is or customize it yourself. If you pick blank than you can add anything you want.

Step 4: If You Picked a Template

If you picked a template then you can change the colors of objects on the template. You can add anything.

Step 5: If You Picked Blank

I like to be creative so I mostly do a blank one. You can try too!

Step 6: The Tool-Bar

This will let you upload photos,add elements/stickers,background,text,and so much more! Explore the Tool-bar.

Step 7: Add Background

Add a background for your wallpaper. It can be an image or color. You can Also upload images from your computer. To do this go to the toolbar and click the cloud icon that says uploads. The icon is shown. It is the cloud on the toolbar.

Step 8: Add Elements

Add Elements/stickers to your wallpaper. These are sure to decorate and make it look nice. You can crop, resize, and change color of the sticker/element.

Step 9: Add Text

This is up to you. You can add text from the toolbar. You can write your own or use one of the ones from the toolbar.

Step 10: Woo Hoo! You're Done!

I hope you're satisfied with your wallpaper! Remember to follow me and please heart and comment.

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