Introduction: Cute Panda Corner Bookmark :)

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Hi, guys!

I am back again with another corner bookmark!

Hope you enjoy!

Please comment any suggestions below and don't forget to check out my other posts like my fox corner bookmark :)

Step 1: You Will Need:

PVA glue


A ruler

A pencil

White paper or card

Black felt or card (i am using felt)

Step 2: Cutting:

First, draw a 12cm x 12cm square on your white paper and split it into quarters. Then cut it out including the shaded part in image one. Next split the quarters in half and cut out the triangles shaded in image 2. You should be left with a fox shape as shown in image 3.

Step 3: Folding:

For the folding, fold down the right-hand triangle down onto the square, shown in image 1. Next, fold down the other triangle and glue it on top of the triangle you have just folded.

Step 4: The Face:

For the face, cut out of your black felt two large circles and two small circles. Also, cut out two small circles out of your white paper. Then, glue the large circles onto your bookmark, followed by the white circles and then the small black circles. These are the eyes. In addition to this, cut a small nose out of your black felt and stick it below the eyes.

Step 5: The Paws and Ears:

For the ears cut out two semi circles from your black felt. Then glue these on the back of your bookmark like shown in image 2. For the paws, cut out two long oval shapes from your black felt. Then, stick these on the front of your bookmark, just under the flap at the front.

Step 6: And You're Done!!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable! Please comment any suggestions below and check out my other corner book mark which is a fox :)

Please favourite this and have a go making it and send me your creations!

Lots of Love

Kathy xxx

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