Introduction: Cute Planters From Plastic Container

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Hello all,

Today i will be sharing how i make these cute planters from a yogurt container.

Ever since i have gotten into gardening, no single use plastic container goes into trash in my home. I find a way to make it into a cute planter. For this planter i made some awesome clay paint with things i already had at hand and am sure they will be easily available to you as well. So lets get into crafting.


You will need:

  • Plastic container/s
  • Paint primer (here i am using chalk paint)
  • Clay powder (I used terracotta)
  • Air dry clay
  • PVA glue
  • Box cutters
  • Paints and brushes

Step 1: Prep Your Container

The container i was using had a lip on it which i didn't like the look of. So i cut it off using some box cutters.

I then cleaned the container well and added a layer of chalk paint.

I did not have any paint primer at hand so i substituted it with some chalk paint. You could obviously use whatever is most easily available to you.

Step 2: Mix Your Clay Paint

I really love the look of terracotta pottery, but one, they are mighty expensive and two, why buy when you can upcycle.

So i conjured this mixture up in hopes that it gives plastic a look if clay and i think it does the job. I have had several planter painted with this mixture and trust me it does not budge.

To make the paint you will need Clay to PVA glue in a 1:1 ratio. That is if you use 1 tbsp of clay, add in 1 tbsp of glue. You can add a dash of water if your mixture is too sticky. The consistency should be like that of paint, that is it should be easy to pick it up with a brush.

Step 3: Make the Facial Features

I use sakura air dry clay to make the face, you can use whatever clay you have as long as it is air dry.

I take four parts and fashion them into a nose, two pieces of the moustache, the eyes and the lips.

Then i let them dry for a about an hour.

Step 4: Paint It!

I opted to paint the pieces first and then attaching them. This ensures every nook and cranny is covered with paint.

I double coated all pieces to ensure full opacity.

For a fun touch i painted the moustache black.

Step 5: Attach the Pieces

Stick the facial features onto the container with some strong glue and you are done!

I intend to use these and planter covers , but if you are going to use them as planters add a few holes in the bottom to ensure drainage.

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