Introduction: Cute and Curious Baby Dragon Sculpture

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I've been sculpting with polymer clay for around 5 years and some of my best sculptures are dragons. I don't usually make them look cute though..........well there's a first time for everything! So today I have for you a cute, curious, baby dragon that just can't wait to be your friend! This is a pretty easy sculpt for beginners and is not to time consuming. You can choose to make this any color you want, but I chose green! (Its my favorite color!) So, please enjoy this fun little Instructable! Thanks!


Sculpting tools you feel comfortable with
Polymer clay of your choice
Acrylic paint of your choice
6mm glass cabochons (you can get these at Amazon for 5 or 6 bucks.)
Fine tip paint brush

Glass pebbles (for horns)

Step 1: Forming the Body

For the color of the dragon I mixed white, green, yellow, and translucent to get the exact color I wanted. For forming the body, create an oval shape and pinch out a tail and neck. Then for the back legs I rolled out a ball of clay and pinched and pulled to get the right shape, as you can see in the picture. To create the front legs, form a small snake of clay and form the legs so he is in a hunched position, then blend back and front legs onto the body. Then to make the paws, cut small spaces in between the toes. Sorry don't know why some of the pictures downloaded upside down.

Step 2: Head and Eyes

Time for the eyes! Grab you 6 mm glass cabochons and turn them over so the flat side is facing up.Then you can grab your paint and paint a black pupil, then the iris whatever color you want! Now wait for them go dry. Take your clay and roll out a ball then shape out the nose and a place for the eyes. Place your eyes where you want on your head. Then fill in the gaps around it. Now, you can add eyelids by rolling out thin snakes and blending them next to the eyes. Then blend head onto the body.

Step 3: Wings

You can have your dragons wings big or small depending on how you want it to look. I wanted mine to look kind of like a baby dragon, so I decided to keep them pretty small. To make the wings, grab your wire and form 2 wing skeletons. Then wrap your green clay over the skeleton and shape how you like. Next cut out thin triangles of translucent to be the actual wing webbing in between wing skeleton. I chose translucent two reasons. For one reason, it looks awesome after its baked, and two, it went really well with the colors of my dragon. After you've done that you can gently blend the wings onto the dragon's back.

Step 4: Details for the Dragon

In this step, you can add as much detail as you want. The sky's the limit! I found some glass pebbles that are all different shapes and sizes for 4 dollars at Hobby Lobby. I decided to use those for the horns on his head and back. You can also just use clay if you want, but I thought it gave it that extra touch. To make the scale like design I took a coffee straw\stir stick and gently pressed it into the clay. You can kind of see the design in the pictures above.

Step 5: The Ladybug

Time for the ladybug! I chose to make this a fairly big ladybug to give the impression that the dragon is really tiny. To to do that, grab your red clay an roll it into a ball, then press a line down the middle. For the head, press a small ball of black clay on to one side of the body. Then you can bake both of them together according to your clay directions.

Step 6: Time for the Paint!

To paint the dragon, you can really do what ever you want. I mainly just added different colored dots all over his body, and highlighted his scales and eyes, as you can see in one of the pictures above.

Now for the ladybug paint! Paint black dots along the back, and also paint the eyes.

That's pretty much it! If you want, you can coat it in a glossy glaze.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read though my Instructable! Please share if you made it, and comment below what you thought of it. Thanks again! Till next time, God bless you!

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