Introduction: Cute and Easy Kawaii Rainbow Charms

HI! I'm MJ!

I was introduced to polymer clay a couple years ago and it really sparked my interest, so since then I have made a lot of really cool, cute charms and sculptures. I have taught myself off of YouTube and it was really easy to turn globs of plain clay into amazing art and jewelry. So this instructable is all about making three rainbow themed kawaii charms, for you to put on earrings, bracelets or necklaces! These are perfect to wear for Pride, or just if you like rainbows! ENJOY!<3<3<3


At the end I will have a little tutorial on painting the kawaii faces on the charms so make sure you read till the very end!<3


Kawaii (if you were wondering) is a Japanese word for cute so if something is kawaii it is cute. Therefore now that I think about it my title is "Cute and Easy Cute Rainbow Charms" XD


These are the supplies you will need for this project!

1. An assortment of colored polymer clay. Polymer clay bakes hard and has beautiful color so it is perfect for charms and small sculptures. I use the brand Sculpey, because it is soft, pliable, and less expensive than some other brands.

2. An assortment of sculpting tools, the main ones required for this project are a dotting tool, a needle tool, an exact o knife, and some thread for making super clean cuts. If you don't have actual tools you can use household items like a toothpick or a pin/needle.

3. Screw eye pins, in order to make the actual charm part. You can find these on Amazon, or in most craft stores.(because it is Covid please buy online to stay safe) If you don't have access to these you can just make the projects without them and they will still be just as cute!.

4. Finally you will need a flat, clean work surface.

An optional supply that you might want to use is liquid polymer clay which I will explain about later on :)

Step 1: The Rainbow Poop Emoji!

This Rainbow Poop Emoji is a colorful twist on the classic poo emoticon. Here is how you start:

1. First get all of your rainbow colors. I am using the classic red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, but you can use any colors you want, be creative!

2. Roll your colors into little balls of the same size to make sure there is an equal amount of each.

3. When you have made the balls, roll them all into logs of the same size, and stick them together as pictured above.

Step 2: Rolling the Rainbow Log

4. After you have a rainbow rectangle roll that up into a bigger log so that all of the colors are lined up together.

5. You are going to gently roll this log until it is about a half a centimetre thick.

6. Now you will gently twist it a little so it looks like a long, thin rainbow candy cane as pictured above.

7. I used too much so I cut mine in half and made two.

Step 3: Making the Swirl

8. Now that you have the rainbow log, just gently swirl it to look like a little poo.

Step 4: Adding the Screw Eye Pin

9. To add the Eye Pin, take a dotting tool, or toothpick and make a small hole where you want the pin to go.

Before we continue, liquid polymer clay is a liquid form of polymer clay (duh) that is basically used as a glue, or a way to make fake glazes and frostings that dry hard. Using a tiny drop of liquid polymer clay in the hole that you put the pin in just ensures that it won't fall out after baked. This is completely optional.

10. Add a drop of liquid polymer clay(optional) and gently press the pin in.

Step 5: Bake, Bake, Bake!

11. Put the charms on a piece of tinfoil on a baking sheet or pan, if the sheet or pan is non-stick like mine you don't need tin foil.

12. Bake for 15 minutes, in a 250' F oven.

Add faces if desired (tutorial at the end)

Step 6: The Rainbow Cake!

This "recipe" makes four cute little rainbow cake charm slices!

let's get started:

1. Get all of your rainbow colors just like in the previous charm, except you will also need white for this one.

2. First roll out a small amount of white clay the same size as your other colors, and flatten it about 3 mm thickness.

3. Do the same with the red, and place it on top of the white.

4. Repeat with the next colors of the rainbow to make a rainbow stack.

Step 7: Tidy Up

5. Take your rainbow stack and roll it a bit on the side to make flat sides.

6. Take a bigger piece of white clay than before, and roll it out with a large roller tool, till it is very thin.

7. Place it on the stack like you would put fondant on a real cake.

Step 8: Tidy Up Again

8. Flip the newly white stack over, and use a sharp tool to cut the excess off of the bottom.

9. Then just like before roll it on it's side, to smooth out the white clay, also use your fingers to gently smear any lines together to create the smooth look of the final picture above.

Step 9: Make the Frosting Border

10. Get a small ball of clay and split it into two more smaller balls.

11. Roll each ball out into a long thin snake and put the two together.

12. Twist them so that they make a nice swirly border for your cake.

Step 10: Apply the Border

13. Neatly apply the border to your cake and cut it off where the ends meet.

Step 11: Cut the Cake

14. Use a long piece of thread to cut your cake into four pieces.

Thread is perfect for this because it is so thin that is goes through the clay without smudging the colors together, or smushing the whole thing! Just make sure that you don't use a sawing motion, all you need to do is hold the thread tightly and bring it straight down through the cake.

Step 12: Add Eye Pins and Bake

15. Finally apply the eye pins into the charms the same as for the last charm, and bake for 15 minutes in a 250' F oven.

Step 13: The Rainbow Donut

This is by far my favorite charm out of the three! this is an adorable rainbow donut, and here's how you make it:

1. Start off with your rainbow colors just like the last two charms, for this one i'm using pastel colors because I think the donut looks better with them, but again be creative and use whatever colors you want for this! You also need some tan/beige clay for the actual donut part.

2. Roll the tan/beige clay into a ball and slightly flatten it to make the base donut shape.

Step 14: Make the Donut Hole

3. Use a toothpick or dotting tool to make the donut hole, don't worry about it being perfect because you will be putting frosting on top of it and making another hole.

Step 15: Making the Rainbow Frosting

4. Now you are going to take your rainbow colors and roll them into logs adjusting the sizes to make a circle shape.

5. After you put them together lightly flatten the top to make them stick together and look flat.

6. Now take your sharp tool and carve a circle that will fit on top of your donut.

Step 16: Add Frosting to Donut

7. Place the frosting on top of the donut and smooth down the edges with your fingers to make it look neat.

8. Take a dotting tool and remake the donut hole.

Step 17: Eye Pin and Bake

9. Finally add the eye pin in the same fashion as the last two charms, then bake in a 250' F oven for 20 minutes.

Step 18: Kawaii Face Tutorial

It's finally here! this is how you make the ridiculously adorable kawaii face that is on these little charms, it is much easier than it looks.

1. Using acrylic paint make two small black dots with a dotting tool.

2. Use a needle or a smaller dotting tool to make a little smile directly under.

3. Again use the needle or smaller dotting tool to make two tiny little white dots in each eye.

4. Finally add two little pink blush dots, and you are done! Sooo cute!

Step 19: Glazing

The very last bit of knowledge that I have for you is to glaze your charms with Triple Thick to seal your paint on and to give them a beautiful gloss, as well as brighten the colors.

I hope you have enjoyed this instructable, and your brand new kawaii rainbow charms!!!<3<3<3

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