Introduction: Cutie Bears Amigurumi Family Pattern

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These are called "Cutie Bear" Amigurumis and they are a sweet little family! My son and my niece named them both "Cutie Bears" and "Universe Bears," so you can pick and choose what you would like to call them. This was my very first time crocheting. And I am hooked for life! So, thank you for that!

As you can see, there are four bears pictured. If you know enough about crocheting to make one of these, then you will easily be able to modify this pattern to make changes in the size and styling of the bears. That is the fun part about doing this!

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook (I personally used a size E4/3.5mm hook
  • Plastic eyes (purchased mine from JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Large sewing needle or one which will work with embroidery thread
  • Embroidery thread * optional, but recommended. If you don't have this, you can use yarn and a larger needle to sew the body parts onto the body

Step 1: Free Amigurumi Cutie Bear Pattern - Head

Bear Sizes:
  • The "Mama" Bear is 5 inches tall, with a head approximately 1 1/2 inches tall and 1 3/4 inches wide (this bear was my 4th creation and the one which the pattern is created for. It is versatile and can be used as a boy bear as well)
  • The other child or baby bears are about 3 inches tall (they can be created by modifying the pattern by downsizing the stitches used)
Creating the Head:
The first thing you need to start creating, is the Cutie Bear Amigurumi head. *Please note, my personal pattern utilizes only one loop instead of two, for the majority of the crocheting. I personally find it much easier, less painful to the fingers and faster to crochet this way.*The front loop is the loop closest to you when working and the back loop is in back of that. Please see the first image which shows the hook through the back loop.

R1 - Make a Magic Ring & 5sc in the ring (5)
R2 - 2sc in each st around through both loops (10)
R3 - 2sc in each again, but only in back loop (20)
R4 - Sc in next st, 2sc in next st, Sc in next st, 2sc in next sc....repeat around in back loop only (30)
R5 - Sc in all st around in back loop only (30) - After this row, the stitches will become much easier to stitch through
R6- R11 - Sc all around in back loop only (30)
R12 - Sc4, dc1, Sc4, dc1, ...(25) in back loop only
R13 - Sc3, dc1, Sc3, dc1, ...(20) in back loop only
R14 - Sc2, dc1, Sc2, dc1,...(15) in back loop only
R15 - Add eyes, face and mouth & stuff the bear's head (see below for photos & tips on making the nose)
R16 - Optional row - if you want to close up the hole more, you can wait to add stuffing, and add another row with a couple   decrease stitches

Embroidering the Nose & Mouth:
I recommend that you use embroidery thread to create the nose and mouth. Some people cut out a small round piece of felt or similar material, then sew or glue that on first, then embroider the nose and mouth. Please take a look at the photos to see how to create a nice looking embroidered nose. It is pretty simple.

Step 2: Cutie Bear Body Pattern

Body Pattern for Cutie Bear:
This pattern is for the "Mama" bear, with longer legs attached to a tummy. If you want to make one like the white baby bear, you can do that easily by creating the oval shape and adding small ovals for the arms and legs.

Create the Legs & Body:
R1 - Create a magic circle with 6sc
R2 - 2sc in each st (12) * in the Front Loop Only this time
R3 - Sc all around (12) * in the Back Loop Only from this point and on
R4 - Sc2, dc1, Sc2, dc1, ...(9)
R5-R9 - Sc all around (9) in back loop only
R10 - Sc3, In1, Sc3, Inc1, ...(12) <--this is done to make the opening at the top of the leg a bit wider, so it's easier to attach and stitch together
R11 - Bind off one leg and when creating the second one
*First Leg is done - repeat for Second Leg, but do not bind off - leave this leg with the loop attached and hook in place.
Connect the Legs: When both legs are done, then connect the legs by using the loop on the current leg to stitch that loop with a loop on the other leg with a sc. Do this with one more stich, the one to the left of the first one. Then, continue sc around the legs in clockwise direction. As you do this, the body will begin to take shape. Keep going around and creating rows until the body is as long as you like. If you want it thinner, or wider around, then decrease or increase stitches as you see fit. When you get close to the desired size, then gradually decrease stitches, ie: Sc4, Dc1, Sc4, Dc1, all the way around and then Sc3, Dc1, Sc3, Dc1, all the way around and Sc2, Dc1, Sc2, Dc1, etc.

Step 3: Arms for Cutie Bear

Arms Pattern:
R1 - Chain 3, connect the chain
R2 - Sc 3 in the circle (3) - in both loops
R3 - R7 - Sc in all around (3) - in back loop only
If you want to make the arm longer, continue with the rows. If not, bind off or leave the tail for sewing the arm to the body.

Step 4: Finishing It Up

Finishing It Up:
At this point, your bear is done but may need some limbs sewn on! I personally like to use embroidery thread to sew the limbs on. But, I have also used the long tail of the yarn that is left over and still connected to a piece, to sew that piece onto the body. But to do so, requires a larger needle and it is difficult. So, it is up to you.
I hope you enjoy your adorable Cutie Bears or Universe Bears, as my son calls them!

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