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Hi Guys

I am going to attempt to show you how I made my Daft Punk Helmet and suit from the film Tron. 

We go to a festival each year that is mainly fancy dress and this year we had an epic task of making these suits. My helmet was fashioned from a Boba Fett Helmet from start wars and 8 months and about £250 quids worth of modelling gear.

The main materials i bought for this were:

Black sticky back vinyl
2 x light strips for eyes
4mm plasti card for face sculpting and ear pieces and head band across the top
Asetate sheet for eye visor
blue cable for rear of head
lots of araldite
sand paper for sanding edges down
sticky back mirror sheet - vinyl
Modelling foam for ear pieces (first attempt)

Pic 2 - The helmet was made from a Boba Fett helmet which i cut to pieces and added some things to change its appearance.

Pic 3 - Once the Helmet was ready i started by adding the lights to the main eye section as we needed to map sure things fitted properly. I then started to add some chrome sheeting to the top of the helmet to change its colour and texture. I tried to put it straight on to the helmet and it didn't work too well, i had to cut them into triangles and lay them over one another to make them fit better and not overlap so much.

Pic 4 - In pic 3 i started to cut away any material that wasn't needed and that was also going to get in the way of any future modifications.

Pic 5 - All cut away and ready for the aluminium face plate (to allow shaping of the jawline)

Pic 6 - Once the eye piece was fixed into place it became apparent that one of the lights was faulty, so i took it apart again and sent it back to the guy from ebay that sold it me... once done it worked fine.

Pic 7 - The wires were just cut to length and threaded into place to make this affect.

Pic 8 - The ear pieces were made with a long strip of plastic bent and fixed in place to create the top curve and then cut to shape and i cut the hole out for the black ear piece. (this was not used in the end as the Tron helmets are chromed.

Pic 9 - The wires were fixed into place with clear silicone and they were held very tightly using this method.

Pic 10 - Once the aluminium chin piece was fitted i started to apply the black face film and had to apply layers that overlapped slightly to get the smoothest effect possible.

Pic 11 - Start of the glove building, latex and material gloves for comfort and also gripping hold of cold wet beers!!!

Pic 12 - I covered plasticard with chrome sheet and then cut them out after sketching the shapes needed to make the gloves. They were fixed to the gloves using araldite. Once dried they were very strong but still flexible.

Pic 13 - Strike a Pose

Pic 14 - Once the majority of the work was done, i sprayed the inside of the helmet black to neaten stuff up.

Pic 15 - The helmet without the lights turned on.

The suits were made by my bro, Adamu25 (winner of the instructables Halloween epic costume contest 2011) please see his profile for more info on them.


Let me know if you need any more info... KEEP IT TRON...
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