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Hello Guys this is Kedar here

So my buddy plays a lot he likes to play with his yellow ball he can also do many tricks but when it's time to shower him ,he pretty much disappear's like magic trick he doesn't like to shower that march when I carry him to its shower place he always manages to escape from its collar .The thing he doesn't like about shower when the water drops into his nose he feels little bit uncomfortable so to solve this problem I am going to make this 360 wash ring for him !

This 360 Wash ring will throw a micro Jets of water from all angles so it can wash my buddy easily as it will give him a good massage so he can stay calm that way .

And don't worry all of the parts are just lying around in my home so so right now you can make this in just 1 minute .

So Let's get started !

Step 1: You Have All Parts Already !

So first of all you need this parts need 1/2 inch Plastic T adapter .

2. And 1/2 Inch Garden hose and that's it .

You can get this parts in plumbing stores

I am pretty sure you have garden hose lying around in your house , you just need the T Adapter !

Step 2: Just 1 Minute to Make ...

1. first measured size of your buddy and cut the hose accordingly ,the tube should go easily in and out through his body but it should not be much large to cut this tube according to size you can use sharp knife i used a cutter whatever you use just be careful .

2. Now we use a dremel tool , attach 1 millimeter bit and drill some holes at the inner side of tubes you can make as much as holes you want start with less number of holes later if you need you can do that .

3. Now fit theT adapter into your tube .

Soo Your 360 washing Ring gadget is ready !

Step 3: How Can I Bring Him to Wash ? Trick !

I used old trick I placed some of his favorite treats along the way and when he got to the shower place I quickly catched him !

Now I connected water hose inlet to our gadget and you will see all of the micro Jets are firing inwards this action will give him a good massage to our buddy as well as it will clean him from all angles that you can't normally reach easily with just a garden water .

Now Words , Pictures and gif's can't convey his feeling to the level , so i highly encourage to watch the video

Step 4: Treat's for My Buddy !

So again he is ready to play again after wiping him off

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If you vote me i promise to buy a big sack of his favorite treats !

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Thanks for watching goodbye !

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