Introduction: DIY 3D Embossed Painting

This time I have made 3D embossed painting with beautiful colors. I tried to make embossed painting on canvas board. I think it's a beautiful painting for room decoration.

canvas board, thermocol sheet,file cover ,acrylic color(oil paint),PVA glue,tissue paper,silicone glue ,cotton,fomic sheet,ice cream & bamboo stick,kerosene oil, cotton cloth.

Step 1: Sketching & Rocks Making

Lets start the painting on canvas board,make an idea on your mind and then draw it on a paper after that cut the thermocol mountain & rocks with hot knife ,now shape the edges with knife .

Step 2: Boat Making

Cut the boat on hard file cover ,& turn the edges of boat like I did, then I take few stripe of fomic sheet and paste it on boat ,now take air dry modeling clay to make front part of boat like this and mark on boat a pattern of any flower or leaf,boat is ready

Step 3: Small Bridge & Mountain Making

I take few bamboo & ice cream sticks and cut it to make small path .Now I take another piece of thermocol and draw mountains,cut them with hot knife ,now take mixture of water & glue and paste tissue with the mixture on mountain, we 'll apply the same method on rocks . Both things are ready.

Step 4: Paste Them on Canvas Board

Now paste all the above material on canvas board like mountain ,rocks,boat ,clouds ,bridge etc with PVA glue , I used original tree stick & thick thread (rope) to look like original scene .Lets start the painting with oil colors or acrylic colors,I used different colors to make brighter and darker shades which made the evening scene.

Step 5: New Look of My Scenery/ Painting

Its time to made beautiful look of my scenery ,took orange, brown & black color mix these color well ,now cover the painting with this dark color ,wipe all the color with cotton cloth & kerosene oil .This method gave the more depth to your painting. My beautiful 3D embossed painting is ready to hang.

Step 6: Finial Pics

Few finial pics of my 3D painting.I hope you enjoyed this video & you 'll also make your own 3D embossed painting for room decoration .