DIY 3D Light-Up Snow Globe Ugly Christmas Sweater




Introduction: DIY 3D Light-Up Snow Globe Ugly Christmas Sweater

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You don't need much to create a pretty awesome "ugly" Christmas sweater to turn heads at every holiday party this year! Here's how to make a 3D light-up snow globe sweater using simple items from the dollar tree. Enjoy!

Full video tutorial:

Step 1:

Step 2: Gather Materials

What you'll need:

  • Sweater (a bit oversized)
  • Plastic terrarium bowl
  • Foam beads
  • Glitter paper with adhesive backing
  • Utility knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mini Christmas trees
  • Snowman ornament
  • Mini LED light pack
  • Small snowflake ornaments

Step 3: Cut Backdrop & Prep Scene

Place the glitter paper on top of a piece of cardboard and place the terrarium on top. Use your craft knife to cut the glitter paper. This will serve as a pretty sky for the backdrop of the globe!

Step 4: Glue Props

Use your hot glue gun to glue the led lights in place on the mini tree so they don't fall off once inside the globe. Then glue the tree and snowman in place on the glitter backdrop.

Step 5: Add to Cardboard

For additional stability, cut a piece of round cardboard the same size as the glitter paper scene. Then stick the adhesive glitter paper onto the cardboard. This will make sure things are nice and sturdy when added to the sweater.

Step 6: Cut Slit for Wire

Cut a tiny slit at the bottom of the cardboard and slip the wire through. This will prevent any bulking when you glue the terrarium on top.

Step 7: Add Snow

Pour the white foam beads into the terrarium. Be sure to only pour enough to cover the bottom of the scene.

Step 8: Add Globe

Glue around the rim of the plastic terrarium and add the scene on top. Press firmly around the edges to make sure it all stays in place.

Step 9: Add Globe to Sweater

Now it's time to add the globe to your sweater! Simply glue the cardboard back of the globe and then press it firmly onto the front of your sweater.

Step 10: Secure Battery Pack

Glue the battery pack onto the sweater right under the globe to create a sort of base. Be sure to glue so that the opening of the battery pack is on top so you can easily change batteries in the future.

Step 11: Hide Battery Pack

Complete the snow globe look by folding a piece of paper into a base shape and gluing it on top of the battery pack. This will leave the sides of the battery pack open so you can easily flip the switch to turn the lights on and off!

Step 12: Decorate With Snowflakes

Add the final touches by gluing the small snowflake ornaments all around the globe.

Step 13: All Done!

That's it! With a few dollar store items, you now have an amazing 3D light up snow globe sweater that will surely impress your loved ones this holiday season. Thanks so much for checking out this tutorial!






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    This is so cool!
    Nice job.


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    Great idea, I like it! : )


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    Thank you so much!!