Introduction: DIY 3D Puzzle Tetris

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Hi all friends, in this article we will tell and show how to make a puzzle like a tetris from scrap materials.

Step 1: Video With the Process of Making a Puzzle.

This simple puzzle, which is suitable for small children, it will help to have fun, develop fine motor skills and logic.

We will need:

- Small box

- A little paralon, for figures

- sheet in the box, pen.

- Office knife, scissors.

Step 2:

The first step is to pick up any small box, we took from under the turn-bank, you can take something like that or glue it yourself of any size.

Step 3:

Cut a sheet into the cell so that it evenly lay on the base of the box.

Step 4:

Next we draw on the sheet in the cells the filling in the form of blocks from Tetris. The size of the blocks we made in width and height of 1 cm.

Step 5:

After we have filled out the entire sheet, we count how many and what blocks we need to fill the box.

Step 6:

We will cut out figures from packing foam rubber, different color.

Step 7:

With the help of a clerical knife, we easily and quickly cut the number of pieces we need.

Step 8:

The figures can be made of any material available to you, for example: wood, paper, foam, etc ...

Step 9:

On the upper closing part of the box we glue the color printout of the puzzle that we have drawn earlier, this will give us the opportunity to look at how to assemble the puzzle.

This simple game, easy and fast to make, will help you have fun playing with your child.

Step 10: ​Conclusion: