Introduction: DIY Lamp With Gravitational Magnetic Switch

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Do-it-yourself balance magnetic lamp, it is modern, stylish and beautiful. The lamp is simple and interesting.
For inclusion, two balls are used, which try to be attracted to each other and hang in the air on a chain.

For the lamp we need:

- Board 20x220x380 Dimensions can also at your discretion

- 5V LED strip

- chain or any lace

- Jigsaw

- sandpaper

- Varnish

- 2 ball deodorant

- and other tools

Step 1: Manufacturing Process.

To get started, it was necessary to put markup on a piece of board. The dimensions of the future product are 390X220 mm.

Step 2:

Excess parts are trimmed with a hacksaw, and the corners are rounded off with a jigsaw.

Step 3:

The edges of the workpiece are lightly processed with a rasp or file, and sanded with sandpaper.

Step 4:

Only a small external part is required from this blank. we grind using emery paper 20-N, intended for primary cleaning of materials.

Step 5:

Using a steel corner we transfer the profile of the outer contour, leaving 25 mm.

Step 6:

Next, you need to drill several holes for the entrance of the jigsaw blade. Then insert the canvas, tighten it with a screw, and saw through the entire perimeter along the marking.

Step 7:

The inner perimeter of the workpiece must be sanded with sandpaper.

Step 8:

As the base, we chose a small segment of a wooden beam and grind it, something like this should turn out.

Step 9:

We mark, places for the power connector, limit switch, and chain. We will choose the material with a screwdriver, although it is better to use a chisel

Step 10:

We glue the base to the lamp frame, and fixes the gluing place with a self-tapping screw.

Step 11:

Now you need to drill two holes. One is required for the LED strip wire. The ball chain will pass through the second, it is important to check that it passes very freely.

Step 12:

The master covers the frame and the base of the product with varnish PF-283.

Step 13:

we get a 5-volt white LED strip, and check its performance.

Step 14:

After the varnish dries, we draw the wire of the LED strip into the hole, and neatly glued it along the inner perimeter of the frame. Excess tape is cut at a special mark on it.

Step 15:

Now you need to remove two balls from the old deodorants. Or use ping-pong balls.

Step 16:

A hole is drilled on one side of the ball, the edges are trimmed with a file. Inside the ball, on the opposite side of the hole, small scratches should be applied so that the magnet is firmly glued to it.

Step 17:

The flat side of the cylindrical magnet is connected to the drill, its second side is abundantly lubricated with glue moment. Then the magnet is installed exactly opposite the hole. In the second ball, the magnet should be glued to the other pole.

Step 18:

In order not to wait until the glue hardens, and press the magnet to the ball harder, magnetize the second magnet from the outside, and pulls out the drill.

Step 19:

Here is a pair of balls turned out. Hold even through the thickness of the hand.

Step 20:

The hole is greased with glue, and a furniture dowel is inserted into it.

Step 21:

Here is a pair of tumble balls turned out. But they quickly magnetize arcs to a friend even from a great distance.

Step 22:

Using a dremel, we cut off the excess dowel and grind the surface.

Step 23:

If small voids have formed, then they can be smoothed with hot glue.

Step 24:

A hole is drilled in the center of the dowel along the diameter of the ball chain.

Step 25:

The chain is glued into the hole, and the balls can be left until the glue completely dries.

Step 26:

Wrapping the chain with foil (so as not to dye it), the ball is painted in golden color with spray paint.

Step 27:

First, the chain length for the upper ball is measured, a blind hole is drilled in the center of the frame.

Step 28:

Then the chain is glued in and the suspension is ready.

Step 29:

The master cuts the second chain so that about 20 mm remains between the balls. It is also necessary to leave a small margin so that the chain almost reaches the bottom of the base. The surface of the last ball is cleaned with a file, and tinned.

Step 30:

Цепочка пропускается в предназначенное для нее отверстие, и припаивается к краю пластинки концевого выключателя.

Step 31:

Now you need to consistently connect the contacts of the power connector, the normally open switch contacts, and the LED strip. It is important to observe the polarity.

Step 32:

На нижнюю часть переключателя наносится горячий клей, и он устанавливается на свое место. При этом край его пластины должен находиться напротив отверстия с цепочкой.

Step 33:

In the same way, the power connector is fixed.

Step 34:

After drilling the pilot holes in the base, we close the electronics with a suitable piece of plastic. Silicone feet are additionally glued to the bottom.

Step 35:

Solder the plug to the USB cable, and now this lamp can be powered by a computer or other power sources with such a connector.

Step 36:

So, the lamp is ready. The power supply is connected.

Step 37:

The first ball in the off state is at the bottom of the frame, the chain is not visible. But if you lift it to the upper ball, then the chain will stretch, and the trailer will turn on the power! It is advisable to choose a limit switch that snaps as quietly as possible.

Step 38:

This kind of trick can be shown to your friends and acquaintances, surprising them, and talking about the wonders of anti-gravity. If you also hide the battery in the base, then the first time some will temporarily believe in “magic”.

Step 39:

If you slightly take one of the balls to the side and release it sharply, then they will oscillate for some time.

All good mood, good luck, thank you for your attention.