Introduction: DIY 3D Warships (Inspired by the Q)

Tired of your usual 2D board games? Follow these easy steps into making an exciting and action packed board game for the whole family.

Mechanics of the game:

  1. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the ships that are standing on the opposite side by using the cannons. The first one to eliminate all the enemy's ship wins!
  2. To eliminate a ship, one must hit the ship using a marble from the cannon and knock down one ship.
  3. The cannons can only move in a specific agreed space before the game starts.
  4. The ships can be arranged in any position, so strategize your positions because if a ship gets knocked down by another ship, it is also eliminated!
  5. Two marbles per side is given per turn. The first one to shoot can be decided by both parties.

These rules are the just the basic rules. You can modify, remove or add new rules to your preference!

Step 1: Make the Base!

For this rendition of the game, we decided to use acrylic board. We created the base using a laser cutter and a vector made at You have the freedom to decide on the length and the width of the board as long as the height of the board is less than 2 inches and the cannons that will be made on the next step will have enough space on the board. You can also use the file that we used for our board (3mm acrylic board).

Step 2: Create the Cannons!

The cannons are the trickiest part to make in this DIY board game. If you have finished this part, you can be sure that all these will be worth it! You can create the cannons by following the methods in the YouTube video made by The Q linked at the intro or use our file to laser cut your cannons. If you decide to use our file, you should use a 3 mm acrylic board and follow the YouTube method for making the inside mechanism of the cannons.

Step 3: Be Creative, Think of Your Own Designed Ships!

For our board game, we used Popsicle sticks to create our target ships. We made it simple so that even kids can create one of their own!

Step 4: Get Crazy and Make a Theme for Your New Board Game.

The board game can be used with different rules or themes according to the user's preference. As long as you can imagine it, it is possible for this board game. For ours, we used PHL vs CHI and designed the two sides according to each country's motif.