Introduction: DIY 4-color Diagonal Chain Fringe Earrings

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As an essential jewelry of a woman's wardrobe, these charming shoulder duster earrings are the best of all. Go and get four colorful chains and start to make these statement chain fringe earrings to your party look right now.

Step 1: Supplies


White Glass Beads

Earring Hooks

0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire

0.5mm Copper Wire

Wire Cutter Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Step 2: Prepare the Chain Strands

Take the chains and cut 15 lengths for each color. From the shortest silver to the longest black ones, the lengths are about 4cm, 7cm, 10cm and 13cm. Orderly string one end of all chain strands by using an idle copper wire to prevent them from getting messed up.

Step 3: String the Chain Strands for Making a Fringe

1st, take a white glass bead and a length of 40cm tiger tail wire;

2nd, pass the starting 5cm of wire through the bead;

3rd, take the longer wire end and pass through the bead once more. Pull the wire tightly;

4th, string the 4cm silver chains with longer end;

5th, pass the end through the bead;6th, pull both wire ends tautly until the wire coils move to the back side of bead;

Step 4:

7th, string the 7cm bronze chains with the same wire end and thread through the bead in same way. After tighten the wire, you will get the effect as below picture shows:

Step 5:

8th, add the golden chains (the picture just shows the effect of backside);

Step 6:

9th, string the black chains at last;10th, work an extra wrap without chain and then knot the two ends tightly. Trim off the excess then.

Step 7: Modify the Length of Each Chain for a Diagonal Pattern

1st, use the side cutting pliers, cut the silver chain strands from the rightmost one;

2nd, regard the length of longest silver chain as the starting length of bronze chains;

3rd, use the same rule to trim the following golden chains and black chains.

Step 8: Make a Wire Wrapped Bail for the Chain Fringe

1st, cut a short length of 0.5mm copper wire and pass it through the bead;

2nd, curve two wire ends around the bead towards the center location on top;

3rd, twist two wire ends;

4th, make a wrapped with either of two ends;

5th, wrap the other end around the neck.

Step 9: Attach the Earring Hook

Open the loop on earring hook and add the diagonal chain fringe. Close the loop then.

Step 10: Finished the Fringe Earrings

Repeat the 5 steps on above and you will get super personalized earrings with limited budget!