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I love to listen music and I am sure everyone in the world loves to hear music in their leisure time or when they need to relax.

Of Course, There are numerous devices on which you can play music , may it be your smartphone or a tablet or maybe a PC and also some may be using old mp3 player. But needless to say smartphones can be bulky sometimes if you just want to play downloaded songs while running or working.

As a maker I wanted have a small and full featured mp3 player capable of playing music for around 10 -12 hours as i always forget to charge the battery.

Also It should be small enough so that it should not jiggle and wobble while i am running or working.

Without wasting any time lets get started.

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Step 1: Features

The DIY mp3 player has following features:

  • Battery life upto 12 Hours
  • 1000 mah Li ion battery
  • Switches to play previous and next song.
  • adjustable volume
  • easy charging solution
  • SD card support for playing songs
  • Directly connect to headphones
  • small and compact
  • Fully 3D printed

You can even connect a stereo cable and use your big speakers with it. This thing makes it awesome.

Step 2: Gather the Components

Following components are required for the build:-

  • Micro tactile switch X 2
  • 3 mm Hex Bolts X 4
  • 3.5 mm audio jack X 1
  • TP4056 charging board X 1
  • 1000 mah Li ion battery X 1
  • SPDT micro switch X 1
  • capacitors 10uf/50 v X 2
  • Memory card X 1
  • mini player module X 1

all the above components are readily available and easy to find . But the mini player module may be difficult to get so Here is the link If you want to purchase.

Note i get small money from the above paid link.

This is the link without ads

Mini Player

Step 3: 3D Print

I have attached the 3D stl files for the build of this mp3 player

Also These are my print settings for the stl files:-

No. of shells = 2

No. of bottom layers = 3

No. of Top layers = 3

Infill = 100%

Layer Height = 0.2

Note :- You may need to print the parts bit smaller or larger ( depending upon your printer )
I printed the part in PLA plus filament from esun .

The bottom Color of the part is black and the top part is given a orange color to provide a nice contrast.

Also Make sure Your retraction settings are dialed in accurately.

Step 4: Prepare the Circuit

The Mini player module is quite small and compact but still it has some useless headers . We don't require these as we would be direct soldering to the module.

If you have some sort of small vice or PCB vice it would very helpful.

Remove all the Headers from the module so that it sits flush on the desk.

After removing all the Headers your board should look somewhat like the photo attached.

You may ask why I have used TP4056 charging board whereas I could also use a simple diode based charger

There are many reasons for this consideration They are:-

  • The price of the board is very less ( from china).
  • It offers a better charging solution for charging the Li ion batteries.
  • It has over discharge protection , thermal protection, And it charges the board in two modes Constant Current mode and Constant voltage Mode.

Thus I Chose This board

Step 5: Fixing All the Components

First Place in the battery in the Case and then hot glue the TP4056 board on the battery to fix it . make sure it aligns perfectly with the cutout on the front.

Next Fix the Mini player on to the battery using hot glue and also make sure it matches the cutout for the memory card.

Next insert the two micro switches in to the cutouts . They are snug fit so you may have to apply some force .

Next mount the Headphone jack using the nut provide with it.

And then mount the micro switch.

Congrats all the components have been fixed!!.

You may need to use hot glue to fix the components as it might be loose.

Also it will provide strength to the parts.

Step 6: Wiring Up Everything

I have attached the wiring diagram to wire the mp3 player correctly.

Alternatively, you can also go for Professional PCB Fabrication service. One reliable and a big company is PCB Way from Shenzen, China. They offer super fast delivery and a price as low as 5$ for 10 PCB's.

Here is the official link for the website:

The Wiring Diagram is self-explanatory. But if you find any difficulty the feel free to comment.

Make sure you place the capacitors close to the headphone jack.

Also, try to do the wiring very neatly and compactly.

also, use thin wires as we are not dealing with high power.

Next Use hot glue to seal everything so that noting comes apart.

The above photo of the complete wiring may feel intimating but is very easy if you go slow and step by step.

Please be patient as any wrong connection may explode

Step 7: Finishing and First Test

After Finishing all the wiring Place the top part and then use 4 hex bolts and fix them .

make sure that you don't apply much pressure as it may cause break age.

Here is the video of this player in action

Hope you like this instructable , If so please consider voting for me .

And if you run in any issues feel free to comment.!!

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