Introduction: DIY Ant Baits From Prescription Bottle Covers

I have trouble with ants, and bought a large bottle of liquid ant bait. The problem is I needed baits to put it into and place around my house.

Using a couple old prescription bottle covers and a nail, you can make a quick, effective ant bait.

Everything you need...

  • 1 large prescription bottle cover

    • NOTE: CVS brand seem to work
      the best - they have little notches that a nicely sized for ants to crawl through. If your local pharmacy doesn't have these, you could always notch them yourself too, if you want. Otherwise see if a friend might have any

  • 1 smaller prescription bottle cover

  • 1 nail approximately 1.5" long
  • A drill & drill bit that is just a shade smaller than your nail
  • Some sandpaper
  • Small piece of masking tape

Step 1: Drill a Hole in the Center of Both Covers

Simple enough. Mine even had an indentation in the center already from the manufacture, so it was very easy. Try to center as best as possible if you can.

The larger cover will become the top to keep out the rain, etc.

The smaller cover will be the tray where the liquid ant bait will go.

Step 2: Place Some Masking Tape Over Hole in Smaller Cover

This will stop the liquid bait from running out of the hole once we put it together

Step 3: Remove the Lettering on the Cover With Sandpaper

Take a small piece of sandpaper and sand off the writing on the large cover. This will prevent anyone from inadvertently thinking it's a prescription bottle cover any more.

You only need to do this on the larger (top) cover. Don't bother with the smaller cover, since it will be upside down and hidden once you set out the ant bait.

Step 4: Push the Nail Through the Larger Top Cover

Step 5: Building Is Done, Here's How to Assemble Outside

Don't put them together now.

This just shows how they will fit together once you've placed them outside and added your favorite ant bait/killer.

Step 6: Set Your Baits!

Find a flat spot near your enemy ant hill. Place the smaller bottom cover on the ground. Keep it as level as possible, then fill it with your ant bait/killer. Then press the top cover & nail through the hole that was covered with masking tape. This will cover the bait so that rain & dirt don't get into your bait. The nail will keep it all in place so that wind doesn't blow it away either.

The nice little holes around the cover's edge will allow ants to crawl into the inner bait cover to eat the poison and bring it back to the colony.

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