Introduction: DIY Antique Concrete Heart & Face Sculpture Idea for Garden Decoration| Stone Face Mask for Lawn.

In this tutorial I tried to share different idea.It's good idea for nature lovers too.You may decorate your garden with it.

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Plaster of Paris,


acrylic colors,

aluminium foil,

hobby knife,

dry leaves powder,

dry moss.

Step 1: Sculpture Making

Here I am using aluminium foil and mask for making sculpture.Taking a mold from mask fill it with Plaster of Paris .Take out the sculpture .Now fine it with hobby knife. Its totally patience work. You have to show full attention on it. After that I apply primer on it . After drying apply sand paper on entire area.

Step 2: Coloring

Now firstly I used grey acrylic color on it. When It dry now apply acrylic color spots on it .For more details check the video. Now apply PVA glue and sprinkle powder of dry leaves and seeds.

Step 3: Heart Making

I used concrete material for making heart. After drying I apply different acrylic colors. Artificial moss used for natural look. Attached both pieces with plaster mixture.

Step 4: Pictures

Final pictures are display , These are amazing views of my project.

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