Introduction: DIY Artificial Bonsai

This time I am making an artificial bonsai with clay and iron wire,my flower vase is broken so i collect the leaves and use them in artificial bonsai. If you like it press the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel. please share your thoughts in the comment box .


Iron wire, cement ,air modeling clay,aluminium foil ,clay tools ,super glue ,acrylic color ,artificial leaves, pot,dry moss,

Step 1: Structure Making With Wire

Take iron wire with the length of 36 inches ,twist them to make branches and roots .again twist all the roots to fix it in a pot like i did .Now make the mixture of cement & water ,fill the pot with this mixture.let it dry for few hours.

Step 2: Aluminium Foil & Clay

Take aluminium foil and roll the foil on all branches and roots of wire, take another layer of foil & roll them on stem to required take air dry modeling clay &put thick layer on all branches & roots too.with the help of clay tools we ll make tree skin texture on all parts of trees.let it dry for at least 12 hours.

Step 3: Coloring

To secure your tree, use super glue .After drying of super glue take acrylic colors of white ,yellow, brown, black. we apply light yellow color on tree then black & brown .

Step 4: Arrangement of Leaves

My flower vase is broken so i collect the leaves and fix them on artificial tree with super glue ,dry moss is also use on pot base with glue .

Step 5: Finial Look

My artificial bonsai is ready for room decoration ,few pics of bonsai