Introduction: DIY Autumn Wreath - Wholesale Party Supplies

While it's never easy to say goodbye to the warm weather of summer, watching the leaves change to stunning shades of red, orange, and yellow definitely makes the transition more bearable. In an effort to bring these beautiful colors into our own homes, the team at Wholesale Party Supplies has created an amazingly simple craft that is the perfect way to incorporate some DIY elegance into your home just in time for Thanksgiving.

What You'll Need:

- Light Yellow Luncheon Napkins
- A Round Wreath Base
- Floral Wire
- A Hot Glue Gun
- Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze Spray
- Orange & Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Step 1: Starting Your Wreath

Take one of your pale yellow napkins and rip it in half. Don't worry - neatness doesn't count! From there fold one of the pieces so that it looks like an accordion (as seen in the top right picture). Wrap the scrunched napkin around the wreath base and twist the ends together. To ensure that they stay in place, use a hot glue gun.

Repeat these steps with the other napkin half, staggering the piece slightly from where you placed the first one

For more details, check out Wholesale Party Supplies blog: here.

Step 2: Adding to the Fullness of the Wreath

Continue adding to your wreath by repeating the entire process with the rest of your napkin stack until the wreath base is completely covered. Then use the Krylon clear glaze to completely cover your finished wreath, giving the craft a stiff texture that will keep it in place. The team at Wholesale Party Supplies recommends waiting at least 30 minutes before using the orange spray paint to lightly cover the napkins. From there you can use the metallic gold spray paint to add some glitz to the edges of the hanging decoration.

Once you've finished this, your wreath is done! Of course, you don't have to stop there. Using faux leaves, strings of lights, and more you can customize your craft to fit your home.

From there, you can use your DIY to decorate the door to your home or use it to insert a fun focal point to any table display.

Happy holidays!