Introduction: Star Wars - DIY Stormtrooper Pinata and Lightsaber Bat

Kids who want to protect the galaxy from the First Order can begin practicing for this monumental task by taking on the DIY Stormtrooper Pinata. Using an easy to make lightsaber bat, young jedis-in-training will be prepped for battle alongside The Resistance.

What you'll need:

- bucket
- scissors
- pinata filler
- elmer's glue
- white ribbon
- scrap cardboard
- strips of newspaper
- glossy white spray paint
- masking tape
- black duct tape
- inflated balloon
- 6 paper towel tubes
- disposable bowl for glue
- aluminum foil

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Step 1: Preparing the Pinata

The first thing you need to do is make the project's glue mixture. Combine 3 parts glue and 1 part water in your disposable bowl. Once ready, dunk a strip of newspaper in the mixture, using care to remove excess glue. Once covered, place the strip on top of the inflated balloon. Press it gently into place. Continue to repeat this process until you completely cover the balloon in several layers. Once it's dried, snip open the balloon and deflate it.

From there, flip the bucket over and place the aluminum foil over it. Then repeat the process of applying newspaper strips onto the bucket the same way that you did on the balloon. Once dry, remove the bucket and peel the foil off of the newspaper.

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Step 2: Attaching the Pinata Pieces

Cut the top off of the piece you created using the balloon about 4-5" from the top. Then create a slit in the bottom of the piece using scissors. Place a piece of folded ribbon that is slightly longer that the length you want the pinata to hang through the slit you've made, and then using masking tape, attach the two halves inside of the balloon shape.

Take the bucket shape and attach that to the open end of the balloon. When you combine them using tape you will have given your candy holder its basic shape.

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Step 3: Giving the Pinata Its Shape

Using tape, attach the paper towel tubes around the base of the helmet. There should be four that cover the base of the pinata. Attach the two additional paper towel tubes to the front. As you can see in the above picture, you should have plenty of space for storing candy and other treats!

Place the pinata on a piece of cardboard and trace the outline. Cut out the outline (including a door in the bottom for putting the treats inside) and then tape the cutout to the open bottom of the pinata.

Use more newspaper strips and glue to cover the entire shape and to transform it into one, complete piece. This includes covering the paper towel tubes. Let it dry.

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Step 4: Decorating the Pinata

Once it has finished drying, use your glossy white spray paint to completely cover the craft. Then use black duct tape to give the helmet its features. Place the tape lightly so you can ensure everything is where it should be before pressing the tape down completely.

Once done, fill up the piece with your child's favorite treats and other themed goodies!

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Step 5: The Lightsaber Bat

What's a Star Wars pinata without a themed bat? To create the lightsaber bat here's what you'll need:

- scissors
- white glue
- a foam brush
- black duct tape
- green crepe paper
- hard cardboard tube or wiffle ball bat

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Step 6: Creating the Bat

Use the black duct tape on one end of the long cardboard tube to create the lightsaber's handle. From there, cut off a long piece of the crepe paper and fold it in half several times. Cut through 3/4 of the crepe paper creating slits to add to the decorative nature of the piece.

From there, cover the tube in glue using the foam brush and then wrap the streamer around it.

Once you've done that, you've got everything your child and their friends need to ensure they have a fun time at a Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed bash!

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